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Sports Gear Painted Pillows

SoSoft® Fabric Paint

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Sports Gear Painted Pillows

designed by Ginger Bowie

Decorate a sports-themed bedroom with clean and simple pillow covers using SoSoft® Fabric Paint.

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SoSoft® Fabric Paint

  • Brown (DSS102)
  • Christmas (Primary) Red (DSS25)
  • Lamp Black (DSS24)
  • Tangerine (DSS76)

Other supplies

  • water container
  • palette or plastic plate
  • paper towels
  • iron
  • sheet of clear vinyl
  • 1" foam brush
  • Silhouette electronic cutting machine (Silhouette America)
  • pillow cover


NOTE: Let dry completely between painting steps.

  1. Wash and iron the pillow covers according to the SoSoft packaging instructions.
  2. Visit to purchase the desired files. Cut out the stencils with the Silhouette machine in the desired size. On a flat surface, adhere the stencil to the pillow cover on a diagonal in the corner. Smooth out any bubbles so that all edges are properly sealed.
  3. Using a foam brush, dab on Christmas Red over the stencil.
  4. While the paint is slightly wet, remove the stencil, leaving the design behind.
  5. Repeat the baseball stitching on the opposite end of the pillow cover.
  6. Repeat the stenciling process for the basketball using Tangerine.
  7. Repeat using Brown for a football pillow.
  8. Repeat using Lamp Black for a soccer pillow.