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Penny Tile Mosaic Planter

By: Persia Lou
May 14, 2021

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Penny Tile Mosaic Planter
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Spring is here! The days are getting warmer and longer, which means it's the perfect time to refresh your outdoor living spaces with some bright porch decor. If you are looking for some simple porch decorating ideas, then this cute little DIY planter might be just the thing!

I love dot painting because it's such a simple process but you can get really beautiful results. For this beautiful planter, I used dots to create the look of penny tile and a flower mosaic design. 

I'm so happy with the way this planter turned out, and I loved making it too! Dot painting is such a fun and relaxing craft. If you want you to make your own dot-painted planter, I will walk you through the process below.

Items needed:

  • Terracotta, Ceramic, or Concrete Planter
  • DecoArt Patio Paint Outdoor
  • Acrylic Ruler or Tape Measure
  • Pencil with a new eraser
  • Mounting Putty


This project is really simple and only requires a few supplies. Today I'm using DecoArt's Patio Paint Outdoor, this multi-surface acrylic is perfect for outdoor projects such as this. Plus it comes in so many fun colors.

Instruction #1 - dot-painting-planter-supplies
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Start off by planning out your design. I practiced on a piece of card stock until I was happy with the pattern. Dot art can be so addictive! I love how creative you can get with it.

Instruction #2 - practice-patterns-dot-painting-planter
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I decided to just use one size of dot, I was inspired by vintage penny tile floors and loved the simple look.

Next, mark a line one inch from the top of the planter as a guiding line for placing the first row of dots.

Instruction #3 - mark-planter
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To keep your planter flat on your work surface, you can use a couple of pieces of mounting putty to hold it in place.

Next, dip the end of your eraser into some of the DecoArt Patio Paint Outdoor Acrylic (you can either pour some into a palette or just dip into the cap like I did).

Instruction #4 - dip-eraser
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Then, dot the end of the eraser onto the line. Try to keep your pencil perpendicular to the surface of the planter to get a nice round dot.

The key to consistent dotting is making sure to dip your eraser into the paint before every dot. It's pretty relaxing and so satisfying to see your design start to appear!

Instruction #5 - first-row-of-dots
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You want to try to place your dots close together without touching and to keep them evenly spaced.

When switching colors, be sure to wipe the eraser off thoroughly before dipping into the next shade. Following the pattern you created, keep placing dots on your planter.

Instruction #6 - dot-painted-planter-3
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When you have completed the pattern on one side, allow the paint to dry, and then rotate the planter to complete the pattern all the way around. Isn't that gorgeous?

Instruction #7 - finish-dot-painted-planter
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Once the paint has dried completely, your planter is all ready to add some color to your front porch!

DecoArt Patio Paint is perfect for painted planters because it gives you a durable, long-lasting finish - no sealer required!

Instruction #8 - dot-painted-planter-detail-761x1024
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I love seeing this cute little planter sitting on my patio! What do you think? Have you given dot painting a try? Let us know in the comments!

Instruction #9 - dot-painted-planter-2
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Be sure to visit Persia Lou  for more projects and to learn more about Alexis.


You make it so easier to craft. I love it Thanx


May 14, 2021

Love this so nice!!


May 22, 2021

I am an DotArt artiest


May 24, 2021

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