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Before you buy, DIY! Our DIY projects will inspire you to take a new look at items you might already own or that you spot at the local flea market. Whether you are an expert or just starting out, this collection of DIY tutorials will have you feeling empowered to tackle your own projects in no time. Make sure you share your creations with us using #decoartprojects for a chance to be featured.

DIY Retro Camper Photo Booth

By: Robb Restyle
October 6, 2017

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DIY Retro Camper Photo Booth
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Whether you’re preparing a time-honored school carnival event or simply planning a backyard festival to ring in the fall season, you need a creative retro camper photo booth to spice up your event! This DIY project is easy to make and even more fun to decorate. Photo memories have never been so adorable!

There’s nothing tricky about this tutorial. Give the kids a paint brush and you’ll have this project done in no time. 

Items needed:

  • Americana Decor Chalky Finish Paint 8oz - Cherish
  • Americana Decor Chalky Finish Paint 8oz - Everlasting
  • Americana Decor Chalky Finish Paint 8oz - Refreshing
  • Americana Decor Chalky Finish Paint 8oz - Primitive
  • (1) 4x8 Sheet of 1/4” Plywood or MDF
  • (2) 2x4s (cut one end at a 35-degree angle so it will set on the ground) Jigsaw
  • Cordless drill and 3/4” drill bit
  • Sandpaper
  • 2 door hinges with screws
  • Fabric (two fat quarters will do)
  • Dowel Rod
  • 2 Cup Hooks (to hang curtain rod)


First, start with a 4x8 sheet of 1/4” plywood or MDF. Place it on two saw horses or a large table so you can sketch out your camper shape. If you want to transport the photo booth in a car (rather than a truck) try to keep the length to around 6 feet.

Instruction #1 - retro-camper-plywood
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Use chalk or a pencil to draw the rounded edges of your retro camper. Try using the top and bottom edges and simply rounding out the corners in the front/back of the camper to minimize your cuts. I rounded the front corners of the trailer and added a more bowed-out look to the back of the trailer.

Don’t forget to include a few windows. Decide where your door will be and sketch it out. That helps give you perspective for the windows. Draw a rectangle towards the back of the camper (roughly 18 inches wide and 12 inches tall and about 23 inches up from the ground). Draw a 10-inch circle on the door, about 23 inches up from the ground.

Instruction #2 - plywood-jigsaw
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Use a jigsaw to trim out your shape. Drill a hole in the windows with your drill bit, then insert your jigsaw to trim out the windows. (If you don’t have a jigsaw, you might be able to sweet-talk your hardware store into cutting it for you once you have it drawn out.) Once your shape is cut, sand all the rough edges.

Instruction #3 - plywood-cuts
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Next, attach the 2x4s to the back with the door hinges so they will fold flat when you need to transport the booth. Make sure they aren’t showing through your windows on the front. Once installed, these will hold the photo booth upright.

Instruction #4 - hinge-close-up
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Instruction #5 - back-posts
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Now, before you begin painting, sketch out the top and bottom of your retro trailer. If you are creating a Shasta-style trailer, add a zig zag too. Paint Americana Decor Chalky Finish Everlasting on the top and Refreshing on the bottom. Use the color Cherish to paint your zig zag.

Instruction #6 - painted-top-bottom-camper
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Instruction #7 - chalky-finish-paint
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Outline your door and windows with Americana Decor Chalky Finish in Primitive. If you’re feeling extra crafty, add a partially covered tire and some light horizontal lines over the top half of your camper (totally optional). You can also cut out a back fin with some of your scraps, like I did here.

Instruction #8 - finished-camper
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Use two fat quarters (or some scrap fabric) to create some curtains for your retro camper.

Instruction #9 - curtains-retro-camper
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Add cup hooks to the back of the camper and use a dowel rod to hang them (this will enable you to remove the curtain when transporting your photo booth).

Instruction #10 - camper-curtain-close-up
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Your retro camper photo booth is ready for some pint-sized models! Add a few props and let the kids pretend they are camping in the woods. A faux camp fire and some marshmallows make an even more picture-perfect setting. The possibilities (and cuteness) are endless.

Instruction #11 - camper-photo-girl
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Instruction #12 - retro-camper-window
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Instruction #13 - festival-farmer-market-chalkboard-sign
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Be sure to visit Robb Restyle  for more projects and to learn more about Kristy.


OMG, this is fabulous!!! I just love it & don't even have little ones. It would be so cute as yard decor. Thank you :)


October 9, 2017

Wow !! That's an impressive project !! But so awesome and fun !! Well done!

Marjorie Dumontier

October 10, 2017

I really need this kind of information and must share with my circle. Thanks for sharing with us.

Bmore Photos

February 3, 2019

I made this per your very helpful DIY instructions. Only changed the door to make it functional. My plans are to add a back, floor & sides to make a playhouse. It was used for my granddaughters FIRST birthday party...”One Happy Camper”.

Debbie Inzer

October 27, 2020

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