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Americana Premium



Americana Premium Texture Medium


A flexible medium for creating a textured surface or dimensional designs when used alone or mixed with Americana Premium Acrylics. Made from fine grinds of powder, this medium is perfect for adding texture to the paint.

  • Excellent tooth and absorbency
  • Dries to an opaque finish
  • Increases opacity of paints
  • Ideal for use with stencils
  • Compatible with the other Americana Premium Mediums
Americana Premium Mediums: Texture Medium Play Video

How to Use Texture Medium

Apply with a palette knife or stiff brush. Let dry before painting or pre-mix with Americana Premium Acrylics to create custom colors. Soap and water clean-up.

Tips for Texture Medium

Apply with a palette knife to add dimension to the sides of mountains, to create rocks, or to add a variety of other dimensional effects to your artwork.

When using Texture Medium with stencils, remove while the paste is still wet.

Clean all brushes and tools with soap and water while Texture Medium is still wet.

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