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Value Kraft Stencils



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Value Kraft™ Stencils

Economical paper stencils with trendy designs for use on furniture, clothing, decor pieces, etc. These heavyweight cardboard stencils can be used multiple times with paints and other mediums. Each package comes with two coordinating stencils, making it easy to create your own unique decorations and party decor.

Designs Available

Glow-In-The-Dark and Black Light Stencils

Night Sky (8
Night Sky (8" x 8")
Planets (8
Planets (8" x 8")
Sweet Dreams (8
Sweet Dreams (8" x 8")
Space Explorer (8
Space Explorer (8" x 8")
Unicorn Pals (8
Unicorn Pals (8" x 8")
Dream Catcher (8
Dream Catcher (8" x 8")
Queen (8
Queen (8" x 8")
Hazard (8
Hazard (8" x 8")

Retro Stencils

Bath Time (8
Bath Time (8" x 8")
Fresh Fruit (8
Fresh Fruit (8" x 8")
Cold Drinks (8
Cold Drinks (8" x 8")
Laundry (8
Laundry (8" x 8")
Neighborhood (8
Neighborhood (8" x 8")
My Sunshine (8
My Sunshine (8" x 8")
Pennants (8
Pennants (8" x 8")
Honey Bee (8
Honey Bee (8" x 8")
Rainbow (8
Rainbow (8" x 8")
General Store (8
General Store (8" x 8")
Award Winner (8
Award Winner (8" x 8")
Flower Stand (8
Flower Stand (8" x 8")
Hello Sunshine (8
Hello Sunshine (8" x 8")

Trendy Stencils

Scandinavian Floral (8
Scandinavian Floral (8" x 8")
Girl Power (8
Girl Power (8" x 8")
Pom Poms & Tassels (8
Pom Poms & Tassels (8" x 8")
Milestones (8
Milestones (8" x 8")
Wash & Brush (8
Wash & Brush (8" x 8")
Bride & Groom (8
Bride & Groom (8" x 8")
Buffalo Check (8
Buffalo Check (8" x 8")
Meow (8
Meow (8" x 8")
Happy Crafting (8
Happy Crafting (8" x 8")
Woof Woof (8
Woof Woof (8" x 8")
Bacon & Eggs (8
Bacon & Eggs (8" x 8")
Farmhouse Kitchen (8
Farmhouse Kitchen (8" x 8")
Grow Good Things (8
Grow Good Things (8" x 8")
Handmade Crafts (8
Handmade Crafts (8" x 8")
Let Love Bloom (8
Let Love Bloom (8" x 8")
Fiesta Llama (8
Fiesta Llama (8" x 8")
Moon & Stars (8
Moon & Stars (8" x 8")
Mr. & Mrs. (8
Mr. & Mrs. (8" x 8")
Rise & Shine (8
Rise & Shine (8" x 8")
Farmhouse Font (8
Farmhouse Font (8" x 8")
Sloth Life (8
Sloth Life (8" x 8")
Southwest (8
Southwest (8" x 8")
Unicorn Dreams (8
Unicorn Dreams (8" x 8")
Believe in Magic (8
Believe in Magic (8" x 8")
Home (8
Home (8" x 8")

How To Use Value Kraft Stencils:


Adhere stencil to surface with stencil adhesive spray or a light tack tape such as painter's tape or masking tape.


To ensure stenciled designs and words will be straight, use provided registration marks. When stenciling designs, lightly mark at registration on each coordinating design to ensure stenciled designs match up when layering or repeating. When stenciling words and letters, draw a line and follow baseline registration marks to ensure that your letters are aligned.


Don't overload a stencil brush or foam pouncer. Blot excess paint before applying to prevent paint from seeping underneath the edges of the stencil.

Tips For Value Kraft Stencils:

Allow basecoated surfaces to completely dry before stenciling.

When stenciling on fabric, try adding fine grit sandpaper between the backing board and the fabric, grit side up. The fine grit sandpaper will "grab" the fabric and prevent it from moving or shifting while you are stenciling.

To create outlines of the stencil image simply trace the shapes with a pen or pencil. Add additional squiggles, dots, and doodles or fill completely.

Adding dimensional objects, such as shells, jewelry, feathers, buttons, fabric, and ribbon, make your pieces into mixed media art.

Misters should be sprayed lightly to prevent bleeding. Once dry, additional layers can be applied to increase color intensity or layer colors.

Ink products should be applied with a cosmetic sponge using a circular motion.

For a heavier coverage, apply two thin coats instead of one thick coat. Allow to dry between coats.

For a non-stenciled look, connect the bridges when finished stenciling. Take a small paintbrush and dip the tip into the same color you used for the rest of the letter. Connect the pieces of the letter. This will ensure your finished project looks clean and professional.

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