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Tattoo inspired fonts, words, and design elements
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DecoArt's stencil program offers a wide variety of high-quality designs suitable for home décor, mixed media, art journaling, and more. Styles range from the traditional fleur-de-lis to offerings that are more industrial for mixed media art. All stencils are durably constructed making them ideal for use with texture products as well as paints. Each design is cleanly cut to ensure crisp lines, and the font stencils have baseline guide markings for easy alignment.

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Home Decor Stencils

From classic chevrons to floral outdoor embellishments, our high quality stencils will provide that finishing touch to your home decor projects.

Americana stencils


Classic all-purpose stencils featuring curated designs and durable construction. These laser-cut designs ensure a crisp line whether stenciling with paints or textured products. Markings are provided on lettered and repeating pattern stencils to assist with accuracy during alignment.

Americana decor stencils

Americana Decor

Timeless decor stencils perfect for use on furniture and home décor pieces. These flexible stencils are made for durability and ease of use with paints or texture products. With designs appropriate for indoor and outdoor projects and a variety of sizes, Americana Decor stencils work for almost any home decorating style.

Value Kraft stencils

Value Kraft

Economical paper stencils with trendy designs for decorating for Halloween. These heavyweight cardboard stencils can be used multiple times with paints and other mediums. Each package comes with one word art stencil and one iconic image stencil, making it easy to create your own unique decorations and party decor.

Between the lines stencils

Between the Lines

Unique layering stencils that add fun and trendy patterns to the inside of letters and take the trend of personalization to an entirely new level. Line includes four different 3" fonts that will appeal to all style preferences and a choice of eight layering designs on two additional sheets.

Initial impressions stencils

Initial Impressions

Decorative monogram stencils to easily create traditional 3-letter or individual letter monograms for craft and home decor projects. Line includes contemporary, classic, traditional, and whimsical font styles, each with 3" and 4" letters and complementary borders for the perfect finishing touch.

Urban ink stencils

Urban Ink

Edgy tattoo-inspired stencils with fonts and design elements that are inspirational and fashion-forward and make their own statement on any craft or mixed media art project. Line includes four fonts and four options that offer a combination of trendy tattoo design elements, quotes, and words.

Mixed Media Stencils

Whether you prefer art journaling, mixed media, assemblage, or collage, our thick gauge stencils will push the boundaries of your work.

Andy Skinner stencils

Andy Skinner

Heavy-duty mixed media stencils that push the boundaries of design and trends. Designed by mixed media artist Andy Skinner, this line is ideal for for mixed media, art journaling, and altered art. The heavy gauge allows repeated use, even with heavy textures.

Americana mixed media stencils


Trendy mixed media stencils from our classic Americana line. These laser-cut designs ensure crisp lines with paints or textured products. The larger format is perfect for backgrounds, mixed media, or scrapbooking projects to add layers and dimension.

Reusable Stick-On Stencils

Self-adhesive, reusable, and re-positionable, our flexible stencils are designed specifically for curved and smooth, flat surfaces.

Americana stick-on stencils

Americana Reusable

Classic adhesive-backed stencils featuring all-purpose designs. These soft and flexible stencils are designed to work on curved as well as flat surfaces. They are self-adhesive and re-usable, making them ideal for painting or glass etching projects.

Gloss enamels stick-on stencils

Americana Gloss Enamels

Decorative reusable stencils for glass and more. These adhesive-backed stencils are soft and flexible, and specifically designed for use on curved and flat, smooth surfaces. Ideal for use with Gloss Enamels on glass surfaces.

Patio paint stick-on stencils

Patio Paint Home & Garden

Reusable stick-on stencils perfect for outdoor decor. These soft and flexible stencils pair well with Patio Paint Outdoor on both flat and curved surfaces like terra cotta, stepping stones, garden flags, outdoor signs, and more.

How to Use DecoArt Stencils


Don't overload the stencil brush or foam pouncer. Blot excess paint before applying to prevent the paint from seeping under the edges of the stencil.


To ensure a stenciled word will be straight, use a ruler and a pencil or chalk pencil to lightly draw a line. Follow the stencil guide lines to align the letters or numbers you are stenciling. Position stencil, tape to secure, and proceed to stencil the letters. For curved lines, use a round or oval object as a template to draw your guide lines. Once the paint is dry, erase the marks before sealing with a varnish.


For a non-stencilled look, connect the bridges within the letters and numbers when you are finished stencilling. Take a small paint brush and dip the tip into the same color used for stencilling the rest of the letter. Connect the pieces of the letter.


After stenciling the center section, lightly mark with a pencil or chalk through the alignment guides on the end where the next section will be placed. Remove the stencil from the painted area and allow paint to dry. Match the alignment guides on the opposite end of the stencil to the marks you have just drawn. The painted stencil area should fit seamlessly with the pattern on the stencil. Secure with tape and continue stenciling in this manner until the border or background is complete.


To create painted and patterned letters, first position and affix the letter stencil to the surface area and then stencil the background color of the letter. Remove stencil and let dry. Then position and affix the layering pattern stencil directly over the painted background letter. Position and affix the letter stencil on top of pattern stencil. Stencil in the pattern color. Remove stencils and let dry.

To create patterned letters, first position and affix the layering pattern stencil directly to surface. Position and affix the letter stencil on top of the pattern sheet. Stencil in the pattern color. Remove stencils and let dry.

Tips for DecoArt Stencils

When stenciling on fabric, try adding fine grit sandpaper between the backing board and the fabric, grit side up. The fine grit sandpaper will "grab" the fabric and prevent it from moving or shifting while you are stenciling.

Properly loading your stencil brush is the key to achieving successful stenciled images. It is best to load the stencil brush and then remove some of the paint creating a "dry brush." To load, apply paint to the bottom bristles of the brush and wipe onto a paper towel prior to stenciling on your project surface.

When stenciling an overall background pattern on your project surface, it is best to begin stenciling in the center of your surface and work out toward the edges. This will ensure that you end up with an even design that is centered and equal at the edges.

To create a 3-letter monogram with Initial Impressions Stencils, stencil the larger center letter before aligning the smaller letters on each side.

Wash stencils as needed throughout the project to prevent paint from drying on the stencil edges. This step will ensure clean, crisp edges from start to finish.

For heavier coverage, apply two thin coats instead of one thick coat. Allow to dry between coats.

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