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Vintage Radio and Flower Canvas

Americana® Premium™ Acrylics

Vintage Radio and Flower Canvas
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Vintage Radio and Flower Canvas

designed by Micaela Spiggle

Make a memory of your favorite vintage radio and florals easily with Premium Acrylics!

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Americana® Premium™ Acrylics

  • Cobalt Turquoise Hue (DTA27)
  • Green Gold (DTA20)
  • Phthalo Blue (DTA24)
  • Quinacridone Red (DTA05)
  • Titanium White (DTA40)
  • Transparent Yellow Iron Oxide (DTA14)
  • Warm Grey (DTA45)

Other supplies

  • transfer paper
  • pencil
  • #2 round brush
  • #8 flat brush
  • #12 flat brush
  • #1 liner brush
  • canvas


  1. You will need a canvas, brushes, and Premium Acrylic colors:Warm Grey, Phthalo Blue, Cobalt Turquoise Hue, Titanium White, Green Gold, Transparent Yellow Iron Oxide, and Quinacridone Red.
    Step 0 Example
  2. Use a pencil to transfer the pattern provided.
    Step 1 Example
  3. Use the medium and large flat brushes to paint the background. Rinse brush.
    Step 2 Example
  4. Use a round brush to paint the leaves and stems. Rinse brush.
    Step 3 Example
  5. Use a Round brush to paint the Radio and the liner brush to paint the details.
    Step 4 Example
  6. Use a round brush to paint the blue flower. Rinse brush.
    Step 5 Example
  7. Use a round brush to paint the magenta flower and bud. Rinse brush.
    Step 6 Example
  8. Use a round brush to paint the final flower and bud.Rinse brush.
    Step 7 Example
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