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Glittery Valentine's Day Train

Galaxy Glitter™

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Glittery Valentine's Day Train

designed by PLA Schneider

Turn candy boxes into a train full of animal figurines into a sparkly Valentine's Day gift with Galaxy Glitter™.

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Americana® Acrylics

  • Antique Gold (DAO9)
  • Carousel Pink (DA274)
  • Dragon Fruit (DA300)
  • Grey Sky (DA111)
  • Magenta (DA368)

Galaxy Glitter™

  • Gold Shooting Star (DGG01)
  • Pink Cosmos (DGG07)
  • Silver Moon (DGG02)
  • Supernova Berry (DGG17)
  • Ultraviolet (DGG06)

Other supplies

  • pliers
  • cardstock
  • wire (color of choice)
  • nails
  • E6000 Glue
  • needle nose pliers
  • wooden wheels (1.5"; four per tin container)
  • paintbrushes (medium; including fan brush)
  • animal figurines (animal and number of choice)
  • tin container (small, rectangular: Alltoid mints or similar; number of choice)
  • lighter (or kitchen matches)


NOTE: Fan brushes work great for applying Galaxy Glitter™.

  1. Use a medium brush to basecoat the tin in Antique Gold. Use a medium brush to basecoat the wheels in Grey Sky. Let dry. Use a medium brush to apply Galaxy Glitter in corresponding colors. Let dry. Use E6000 Glue to adhere the wheels to the side of the tin. Optional - Add embellishments.
  2. Use a medium brush to basecoat animal figurine in Carousel Pink. Let dry. Use a medium brush to apply Galaxy Glitter in Pink Cosmos.
  3. Use pliers to cut the wire in sections about 6" long. Use needle nose pliers to curl the end. (See photo.)
  4. Holding the nail with pliers, heat the tip of a nail and poke a hole at top of back of the figurine. Place the curled wire inside.
  5. Print a quote of your choice on cardstock. Cut into a heart shape and use a brush to apply Galaxy Glitter (in color of your choice) to the perimeter. Let dry.
  6. Place the animal figurine on the tin (train) and the heart-shaped card on the wire.


Make one, two, three, OR as many as you'd like. Your Valentine's animal train can be as long as you wish!