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Etched "Thirsty" Drinking Glass

Easy Etch™ Glass Etching Cream

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Etched "Thirsty" Drinking Glass

designed by DecoArt Design Team

Create one-of-a-kind, expressive beverage glasses with Easy Etchâ„¢ Glass Etching Cream.

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Americana® Reusable Stick-On Stencils

  • Knock Out Alpha (8" x 11") (ARS01)

Easy Etch™ Glass Etching Cream

  • Easy Etch Etching Cream (DEE01)

Other supplies

  • paper towels
  • rubbing alcohol
  • painter's tape (optional)
  • rubber gloves
  • drinking glass
  • palette knife


NOTE: Let dry completely between painting steps.

  1. Clean the drinking glass first with rubbing alcohol and paper towels. Let dry completely.
  2. Place the glass on its side and add letters from the Americana Reusable Stick-On Knockout Alpha Stencil to spell drink-related words of your choice. Press the letters down firmly, making sure there are no air bubbles.
  3. Follow the label safety procedures on the Easy Etch Etching Cream before using the product.
  4. Use a palette knife to scoop out enough Easy Etch to cover the stenciled word completely with a thin to medium coat.
  5. Leave the Easy Etch on for 15 minutes. With rubber gloves on, rinse the glass and stencil.


Round objects could have Easy Etch drip down the sides while stenciling. It is a good idea, therefore, to protect the area around the stencil by adding painter's tape.