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Cement Letters Outdoor Game

Crafter's Acrylic®

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Cement Letters Outdoor Game

designed by Morena Hockley

Celebrate summer with an outdoor tic-tac-toe game using Crafter's Acrylic paint!

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Crafter's Acrylic®

  • Bright Blue (DCA101)
  • Bright Orange (DCA97)
  • Bright Purple (DCA110)
  • Bright Red (DCA22)
  • Bright Yellow (DCA49)
  • Grasshopper Green (DCA125)
  • Pink Neon (DCA128)

Other supplies

  • craft paintbrushes
  • wooden skewer
  • Cement Letters (Darice)


NOTE: Let the first layer dry for a few minutes before adding a second layer of paint to the cement letters.

  1. Arrange your supplies on your work surface.
  2. Paint the front of all the cement X's with Bright Blue Crafter's Acrylic Paint.
  3. Paint the front of all the cement O's with Grasshopper Green Crafter's Acrylic Paint.
  4. Paint the sides of each of the cement letter with a different color of paint.
  5. Cut the bamboo sticks into 4 pieces that are equal in size. Paint the sticks with Pink Neon Crafter's Acrylic Paint.
  6. Arrange the sticks to make a tic tac toe board pattern in the grass to start the game!