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Ombre Stenciled Travel Pillow

Dazzling Metallics®

Ombre Stenciled Travel Pillow
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Ombre Stenciled Travel Pillow

designed by J. Goode Designs

Stencil city names on a pillow for a well-traveled accent to any living space.

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Americana® Stencils

  • Bon Voyage (12" x 12") (ASMM05)

Dazzling Metallics®

  • Champagne Gold (DA202)
  • Rich Espresso (DA245)
  • Venetian Gold (DAO72)

Other supplies

  • water container
  • palette or plastic plate
  • paper towels
  • rubber gloves
  • parchment paper
  • throw pillow
  • sponge pouncers (or sponge brush) (Americana Dual Sided Pouncers - DABK19)


  1. Squeeze a small amount of each Dazzling Metallic color onto the palette or plastic plate so you have access to all the colors at once.
  2. Remove pillow insert. Insert a sheet of parchment paper inside the pillow case to prevent paint from bleeding onto reverse side. Also, if the pillow case has a seam on the back, the paper insert will help prevent that seam line from showing through onto the painted design.
  3. Apply stencil at center of pillow case.
  4. Starting in upper left corner of the stencil, use the pouncer or sponge brush to apply Rich Espresso in a blotting, up-and-down motion. As you near the center of the stencil, change to Venetian Gold. Continue toward the lower right of stencil, finishing with Champagne Gold.


Make sure not to over-saturate the pouncer or sponge brush so stencil doesn't leak at the edges.