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Old Truck and Tree Vintage Plaque

Americana® Acrylics

Old Truck and Tree Vintage Plaque
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Old Truck and Tree Vintage Plaque

designed by Heidi Easley

Bring back the Christmases of old on a wooden plaque painted with Americana® Acrylics.

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Americana Decor® Matte Metallics™

  • Soft Silver (ADMMT04)

Americana Decor® Metallics™

  • Bronze (ADMTL06)

Americana® Acrylics

  • Festive Green (DA230)
  • Lamp (Ebony) Black (DAO67)
  • Primary Red (DA199)
  • Yellow Green (DA134)

Dazzling Metallics®

  • Festive Green (DA261)

Snow Products

  • Snow-Tex® (DAS9)

Other supplies

  • water container
  • palette or plastic plate
  • paper towels
  • transfer paper
  • sandpaper (fine-grit)
  • 1" flat brush
  • #6 round brush
  • #10/0 liner brush
  • grey graphite paper
  • dry cloth
  • pencil
  • glitter glue (color of choice)
  • wooden cut-out (old truck and tree: call 405-802-8292 to order)


NOTES: Read downloadable instructions completely before beginning project. The pattern can be used on a canvas as well.

  1. Sand the wooden cut-out with fine-grit sandpaper and wipe clean with a dry cloth.
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