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Garden Marbled Rocks

Americana Decor Maxx Gloss®

Garden Marbled Rocks
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Garden Marbled Rocks

designed by Natalie Wright

Decorate your garden with colorful rocks using Maxx Gloss paint!

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Americana Decor Maxx Gloss®

  • Aqua Waters (ADMG12)
  • Candy Apple (ADMG04)
  • Juicy Melon (ADMG06)
  • Jungle Leaf (ADMG10)
  • White China (ADMG01)

Other supplies

  • craft paintbrushes
  • pipette
  • rocks


  1. To marble rocks, fill plastic pipettes with paint and drizzle colors starting on top of rock. Use one pipette per desired color. Allow paint to slowly drizzle and blend. Use a craft paintbrush to fill in any missing areas. Allow to fully cure and dry before use. For this color combo: Use White China, Aqua Waters, and Candy Apple.
    Step 0 Example
  2. For this color combo: Use Jungle Leaf, White China, Juicy Melon, and Aqua Waters.
    Step 1 Example
  3. For this color combo: Use Aqua Waters, Jungle Leaf, and White China.
    Step 2 Example
  4. For this color combo: Use White China, Candy Apple, and Juicy Melon.
    Step 3 Example