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Mystical Marbled Decorative Glassware

Craft Twinkles®

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Mystical Marbled Decorative Glassware

designed by Sonja Stevens

This set of glassware, created with Craft Twinkles®, is perfect for an Arabian nights-themed party

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Americana® Acrylics

  • Festive Green (DA230)
  • Primary Red (DA199)
  • Saffron Yellow (DA273)
  • True Blue (DAO36)

Americana® Decou-Page™

  • Gloss Decou-Page (DS101)

Craft Twinkles™

  • Gold (DCT3)

Other supplies

  • parchment paper
  • soap and water
  • wineglass (3: in various shapes and sizes)
  • medium brush


NOTES: These are not food/drink safe and should be used for decorative purposes only. Wash and dry each glass thoroughly with soap and water before painting. Protect the work surface from paint using a sheet of parchment paper. Allow Craft Twinkles to dry fully before adding Americana Acrylics. Allow paint to dry fully before applying Decou-Page.

  1. Using a medium-sized paintbrush, apply a generous amount of Gold to the inside of each glass. Put aside to dry fully.
  2. To work on one color combination at a time, gather the following colors to create the purple painted glassware: Primary Red and True Blue.
  3. Apply an uneven coat of Primary Red to the inside of one of the glasses in a stripe pattern. (See photo.)
  4. While the Primary Red is still wet, dip the paintbrush in True Blue and add it to the painted red glass. (The combination will create an uneven mix of red, blue, and purple.)
  5. Once satisfied with the colors and design, put aside to dry fully.
  6. Gather the following colors to create the orange painted glassware: Saffron Yellow and Primary Red.
  7. Paint the inside of the glass in Saffron Yellow and add Primary Red to create an uneven mix of orange, yellow, and red.
  8. Gather the following colors to create the purple painted glassware: Festive Green and True Blue.
  9. Paint the inside of the glass in Festive Green and add True Blue to create an uneven mix of greens and blues.
  10. With a medium brush, apply a thick coat of Gold Craft Twinkles around the glass rim. Allow to dry fully overnight before proceeding to the next step.
  11. When dry, apply a thick coat of Gloss Decou-Page to the inside of the painted glassware. Put aside to dry fully before using.


To create more of a glitter effect, add a second coat of Craft Twinkles before moving on to the Americana Acrylics.