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"Leave Ordinary Behind" Mixed Media Wall Art

Americana® Acrylics

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"Leave Ordinary Behind" Mixed Media Wall Art

designed by Leave Ordinary Behind

Be inspired by the saying "Leave ordinary behind" to create your own mixed media art.

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Americana® Acrylics

  • Bahama Blue (DA255)
  • Citron Green (DA235)
  • Hauser Dark Green (DA133)
  • Hauser Light Green (DA131)
  • Red Alert (DA301)
  • Warm White (DA239)

Americana® Decou-Page™

  • Matte Decou-Page (DS106)

Primers, Sealers, and Finishes

  • Americana® Primer & Sealer (DS17)

Other supplies

  • water container
  • palette or plastic plate
  • paper towels
  • stylus or pencil
  • art or cosmetic sponge
  • #0 liner brush
  • palette knife (Americana Palette Knives and Texture Tools Set - DAS221)
  • 5" white paper doily
  • two-tone red print scrapbook paper
  • green print scrapbook paper
  • Fall Tendril cling stamp (Stampendous)
  • Mixed Media cling stamp (Stampers Anonymous)
  • Random Quotes cling stamp (Stampers Anonymous)
  • precision file set
  • sanding pad
  • cotton tip swab
  • 7" x 12-1/2" wood scallop plaque (Cupboard Distributing)
  • red print scrapbook paper
  • Tim Holtz idea-ology Melange Tissue Wrap (Cupboard Distributing)
  • mini mister (Cupboard Distributing)


  1. Sand surface smooth and wipe clean. Use large specialty sponge seal surface with Multi-Purpose Sealer and allow to dry. Using same sponge, basecoat surface Warm White.
  2. Following manufacturer's instructions, use small sponge to decoupage a 2” strip of Melange tissue across the scallops at the bottom of the plaque.
  3. Tear a ragged edge at the bottom edge of the red print scrapbook paper. Place the torn edge about 1-1/2” from the bottom of the plaque to the top. Following instructions, decoupage in place.
  4. Use a sanding pad and sanding kit to “sand” off the excess paper around all the edges.  This will result in a clean crisp edge.
  5. When dry, use a palette knife to start scraping color onto the background. Pick up a small amount of Warm White and scrape up and down with a vertical stroke. These will be random and not solid. This will mute the design and add interest.
  6. Next, pick up Hauser Light Green and scrape with a vertical stroke, starting at the bottom of the torn paper and halfway up the right side. This does not need to be precise, solid or even.
  7. While still wet, pick up some Hauser Dark Green and scrape into the Hauser Light Green areas. Do not overblend as this is to add layers of color.
  8. Work on the sky area next. Load palette knife with Bahama Blue and scrape vertically in the middle and towards the right side. This does not need to cover the entire sky area, just the indication will be sufficient. Lighten the Bahama Blue with Warm White (50:50) and scrape in sky area. Again, do not cover solid or overblend.
  9. Back to the green area, pick up Citron Green and scrape highlights.  Allow some of this color to go up the right side and sparingly into the sky area.
  10. To add more color, use index finger to rub Red Alert at the top, down left side and a little on the top right side.
  11. Add more Red Alert at the top left and immediately spray with water, using the mini mister. Allow the drips to run down the left side. Repeat as needed.
  12. When dry, repeat with Warm White.
  13. Using asmall specialty sponge, apply Warm White to the back of the bubble wrap cling stamp. Stamp design randomly in the background at the top left, down left side, bottom left, middle right side and top right side. Position the stamp at angles and use only portions of the stamp. Partial imprints are perfect.
  14. Using the template, cut petals and leaves out of the scrapbook paper. Position and decoupage following manufacturer’s instructions.
  15. Using a cotton tip swab, outline petals with Warm White. This will be more of a highlight than an outline.
  16. When dry, load 0 liner with Paynes Grey and outline petals, flower center, stem and leaves following pattern.
  17. Load same brush with thinned Citron Green and paint a wave line down the stem. Use stylus to dip Citron Green dots down stem and on leaves.
  18. Dip Red Alert dots on flower center with stylus.
  19. Basecoat the paper doily with a coat of Warm White.
  20. Following instructions, decoupage a portion of the doily to the top left and bottom right.
  21. To add the scroll designs, apply Paynes Grey to the back of the Fall Tendril cling stamp. Stamp portions of the scroll onto the top left, bottom right and middle right of plaque.
  22. Stamp words onto Canvas Paper and trim around edges. Use cotton tip swab to apply Hauser Light Green around edge of rectangle. Highlight edges with Citron Green.
  23. When dry, decoupage into place and outline with Paynes Grey.
  24. If needed, use finger to apply layers of color around the outer edge, Citron Green, Bahama Blue, Red Alert as needed.
  25. Use a large specialty sponge to apply several light layers of DecouPage, allowing appropriate drying time between coats.
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