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Whimsical Leaf Pendant

DecoArt® Glass Stain™

Whimsical Leaf Pendant
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Whimsical Leaf Pendant

designed by Donna Bush

Create your own Whimsical Leaf Pendant with Pretty & Bold Color Combination

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DecoArt® Glass Stain™

  • Black Leading (GLS14)
  • Green (GLS10)
  • Orange (GLS04)
  • Yellow (GLS03)

Other supplies

  • paper towels
  • glass pendant
  • cellophane tape


  1. Place pattern behind glass and secure with small pieces of cellophane tape.
  2. Outline design and add dots on background with Black Leading. Let dry completely. Remove pattern.
  3. Fill background with Green Glass Stain.
  4. Fill leaf with Yellow and Orange Glass Stain. Let dry.


To make finer lines with Black Leading, place piece of cellophane tape on bottle tip at angle. Hold taped tip between index finger and thumb. Rotate until tape forms cone shape with smaller opening than bottle tip.

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