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Large Floral Canvases

Patio Paint Outdoor™

Large Floral Canvases
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Large Floral Canvases

designed by DecoArt Design Team

This trio of colorful, flowered canvases is brought to life by Patio Paint Outdoor™.

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Patio Paint Outdoor™

  • Azalea (DCP58)
  • Blue Bahama (DCP63)
  • Clear Coat (DCP24)
  • Cloud White (DCP14)
  • Marigold (DCP57)
  • Sweet Pea (DCP59)
  • Tiger Lily Orange (DCP36)
  • Wrought Iron Black (DCP21)

Other supplies

  • water container
  • palette or plastic plate
  • paper towels
  • pencil
  • 1" flat brush
  • 1/2" stippler brush
  • three 24" x 30" stretched cotton gallery wrapped canvases


  1. Lightly mark each canvas in 6” squares with a pencil. (See pattern.)
  2. Sketch the flower and leaves onto each canvas with a pencil, using the grid for approximate position.
  3. After the flower is finished, erase the grid lines.
  4. Paint the flower and leaves with Patio Paint Outdoors™ colors of your choice. (See photo for color suggestions.) Let dry.
  5. Paint Cloud White in the center of each flower.
  6. Paint background with a 1” flat brush, using a crosshatch technique with the white canvas showing to create pattern. (Note: in photo, background at left is Tiger Lily Orange; middle is Blue Bahama; and at right, Marigold.)
  7. Outline the flower, stem, and leaves with a 1/2" stippler brush and Wrought Iron Black.
  8. Let dry and coat the canvases with Clear Coat.
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