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Glittery Block Houses Key Holder

Galaxy Glitter™

Glittery Block Houses Key Holder
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Glittery Block Houses Key Holder

designed by Alexandra Hawkins

Find a home for keys with wooden blocks, metal knobs, and the sparkle of Galaxy Glitterâ„¢.

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Americana® Acrylics

  • Bright Orange (DA228)
  • Bubblegum Pink (DA250)
  • Indian Turquoise (DAO87)
  • Oyster Beige (DA313)
  • Persimmon (DA293)
  • Whispering Turquoise (DA305)

Galaxy Glitter™

  • Aqua Meteor (DGG10)
  • Bronze Asteroid (DGG12)
  • Champagne Starburst (DGG14)
  • Milky Way Blue (DGG05)
  • Pink Cosmos (DGG07)
  • Solar Flare Orange (DGG16)

Other supplies

  • water container
  • palette or plastic plate
  • paper towels
  • sandpaper
  • E6000 Glue
  • keys (various)
  • wooden houses
  • drawer knobs (various)
  • key ring (various)
  • paintbrushes (including fan brush)


NOTE: Let dry completely between painting steps.

  1. Sand all the houses until smooth.
    Step 0 Example
  2. Paint the bottom portion of three houses in Persimmon and the other two houses in Oyster Beige. Paint the tip of the Persimmon houses in Indian Turquoise and the tip of the Oyster Beige houses in Persimmon.
    Step 1 Example
  3. Using a fan brush, apply Bronze Asteroid to all the Persimmon areas; Champagne Starburst to all Oyster Beige areas; and Aqua Meteor to the Indian Turquoise areas.
    Step 2 Example
  4. Drag the glitter used on the tip of the houses down toward the middle of the houses in an icicle or rainfall effect.
    Step 3 Example
  5. Glue the houses together with the Champagne Starburst houses in front of the Bronze Asteroid houses.
    Step 4 Example
  6. Paint the keys in various colors, using Bright Orange, Bubblegum Pink, and Whispering Turquoise.
    Step 5 Example
  7. With a fan brush, apply Solar Flare Orange to the Bright Orange keys, Pink Cosmos to the Bubblegum Pink keys, and Milky Way Blue to the Whispering Turquoise keys.
    Step 6 Example
  8. Glue a knob to each house; attach each key to a key ring.
    Step 7 Example