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Holiday Soap Dispenser


Holiday Soap Dispenser
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Holiday Soap Dispenser

designed by Mandy Gumbs

Soap up during the holidays with a dispenser with Snow-Tex®.

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Americana® Gloss Enamels™

  • Black (DAG67)
  • Foliage Green (DAG269)
  • Shimmering Silver (Metallic) (DAG70)
  • True Red (DAG129)

Snow Products

  • Snow Writer (DS65)
  • Snow-Tex® (DAS9)

Other supplies

  • scissors
  • tape
  • #0 liner brush
  • #0 round brush
  • palette knife (or putty knife)
  • Mason jar
  • soap dispenser kit


NOTE: Allow Gloss Enamels to dry completely. Follow the instructions on baking glass for permanent adhesion before applying Snow-Tex.

  1. Print off the deer silhouette, cut out, and hold inside the Mason jar for a template. Apply the first layer of Black. (It will be transparent on the first layer.) Let dry and apply two to three more layers to have a nice, solid silhouette.
    Step 0 Example
  2. Apply True Red and Foliage Green around the neck of the deer and first layer of the twigs. (These will also need two to three thin layers.) Once completed and baked, apply Snow-Tex, using a palette knife, in a thin layer along the bottom. Let dry. Once dry, paint the edges of snow with Shimmering Silver. Apply snow flakes with Snow Writer.
    Step 1 Example
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