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Painted Geometric Satin Chair

Americana Decor® Satin Enamels™

Painted Geometric Satin Chair
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Painted Geometric Satin Chair

Painted Geometric Satin Chair

designed by Micaela Spiggle

Revive an old chair fun with vibrant color and geometric shapes of Americana Decor® Satin Enamels™.

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Americana Decor® Satin Enamels™

  • Smoke Grey (ADSA20)
  • True Teal (ADSA11)

Glues and Adhesives

  • Americana® Wood Filler (DS103)

Other supplies

  • sandpaper
  • 2" flat brush
  • #2 round brush
  • palette knife (Americana Palette Knives and Texture Tools Set - DAS221)
  • chair (flea market find)


  1. Use a palette knife to apply wood filler to the chair where needed. Let dry completely; sand smooth.
    Step 0 Example
  2. Use a 2" flat brush to paint the chair completely with True Teal. Rinse brush. Let dry.
    Step 1 Example
  3. Once fully dry, use a small round brush and Smoke Grey to paint on random loose triangles on the chair backing. Rinse brush.
    Step 2 Example