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Fantasy Garden Arrow Sign

Americana® Multi-Surface Acrylics

Fantasy Garden Arrow Sign
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Fantasy Garden Arrow Sign

Fantasy Garden Arrow Sign

designed by Felicity Greiner

Take a garden in a whimsical direction with a set of arrow signs created with Americana® Multi-Surface Acrylics.

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Americana® Multi-Surface Acrylics

  • Blue Lagoon (DA526)
  • Canary (DA514)
  • Coastal Waters (DA523)
  • Cotton Ball (DA500)
  • Green Beret (DA521)
  • Inch Worm (DA563)
  • Iris (DA531)
  • Orange Sherbet (DA510)
  • Pink Tropics (DA561)
  • True Blue (DA528)

Other supplies

  • stylus or pencil
  • transfer paper
  • painter's tape
  • small round brush
  • large flat brush
  • small nail and hammer
  • script liner brush
  • wooden board (for post)
  • wooden arrow (3)


NOTE: Let dry completely between painting steps.

  1. Apply Inch Worm, Cotton Ball, and Coastal Waters onto each of the three arrows.
    Step 0 Example
  2. Transfer the provided pattern onto the arrows. With a script liner brush, paint the lettering on the Coastal Waters arrow in True Blue. On the Cotton Ball arrow, paint each letter in a different color, using Iris, Inch Worm, Pink Tropics, Orange Sherbet, True Blue, and Canary. On the Inch Worm arrow, paint the lettering in Green Beret.
    Step 1 Example
  3. Using a small round brush, paint Pink Tropics, Canary, and Orange Sherbet flowers onto the Inch Worm arrow. Use the same brush to add Green Beret leaves. Add a dot of Canary in the center of each flower.
    Step 2 Example
  4. Use a large flat brush to roughly brush on True Blue and Green Beret onto the end and tip of the Coastal Waters arrow.
    Step 3 Example
  5. Use a small round brush to add scales onto the end and tip of the arrow in Coastal Waters.
    Step 4 Example
  6. Tape off stripes of the end and tip of the Cotton Ball arrow. Paint each stripe in a different color, using True Blue, Canary, Orange Sherbet, Pink Tropics, Inch Worm, and Iris.
    Step 5 Example
  7. Cut a wooden post to the desired length; paint in Iris. Use nail and hammer to hammer the arrows into the post.
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