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Faux Clay Jars As Vases

Americana Decor® Texture™

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Faux Clay Jars As Vases

designed by Alexandra Hawkins

Faux clay vases, made with Americana Decor® Texture™, are the perfect additions to a fall mantle.

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Americana Decor® Chalky Finish™ Paint

  • Lace (ADC02)

Americana Decor® Texture™

  • Deep Bronze (Metallic) (ADTX107)

Other supplies

  • water container
  • palette or plastic plate
  • paper towels
  • Mason jars
  • palette knife
  • paintbrushes


  1. Add Deep Bronze (Metallic) to each jar, creating a heavily textured look by applying with a palette knife and roughing it up to create dimension. Let dry completely.
  2. Once fully dry, apply Lace to the jar using a dry-brushing method: use a dry brush and a little paint and dust the paint over the entirety of the jar. Keep adding layers until the desired look is achieved.
  3. Repeat this process with as many jars as you would like.