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Upcycled Easter Bunny Wall Décor Tray

DecoArt® Opaque Glass Paint Marker™

Upcycled Easter Bunny Wall Décor Tray
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Upcycled Easter Bunny Wall Décor Tray

designed by Crimson Duvall

Turn a ceramic tray into a cute Easter bunny wall hanging with DecoArt® Opaque Glass Paint Markers™.

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DecoArt Opaque Glass Paint Marker

  • Black (DGPM64)
  • Blue (DGPM61)
  • Fuchsia (DGPM54)
  • Green (DGPM59)
  • Red (DGPM55)
  • Turquoise (DGPM60)
  • Violet (DGPM62)
  • Yellow (DGPM57)

Other supplies

  • paper towels
  • hanging wire (to hang tray)
  • X-Acto® knife
  • masking tape
  • decorative ribbon (your choice: I chose a 3/4" black and white polka dot with wire.)
  • rubbing alcohol
  • scissors
  • white glazed ceramic tray


NOTE: Before beginning the painting, wipe down the entire tray surface with rubbing alcohol and a paper towel. This removes any oils or dirt that would hinder the paint's adherence.

  1. This Easter project is a great way to upcycle an plain glass tray or buy a new plain white ceramic tray. (Any tray with the "lacy" edge works great for this project.)
    Step 0 Example
  2. Choose a variety of DecoArt Opaque Glass Paint Markers for your hand painted design. Shake and prime the markers before use by pumping the tip of the marker on a clean surface until paint has filled the tip. (Continue to do this periodically while painting.)
    Step 1 Example
  3. Print out the provided pattern to fit the size of the tray area. Mask off the area where the design will go on the tray. Cut out the bunny.
    Step 2 Example
  4. Place the cut out on the masked off tray area and trace around the image. With an X-Acto knife, cut out the traced bunny. Peel off the masking tape within the cut-out image. Using the Turquoise Opaque Glass Paint Marker, trace the outline of the bunny shape.
    Step 3 Example
  5. Peel away all of the masking tape and clean up edges if needed. Allow to dry. Using the Turquoise marker, go over the outline and draw in the outline of the eyes.
    Step 4 Example
  6. Using the Fuchsia Opaque Glass Paint Marker, draw the nose, mouth, and inner ears.
    Step 5 Example
  7. With the Yellow and Green Opaque Glass Paint Markers, add small flowers and leaves to the design. Allow to dry.
    Step 6 Example
  8. Draw some flowers with the Red Opaque Glass Paint Marker and some line patterns with the Violet and Blue Opaque Glass Paint Markers. Use the provided pattern for inspiration for the letters and write "Hoppy Easter" or any fun saying you would like with the Black Opaque Glass Paint Marker. Use the Black marker to add details to the rest of the design as well (pupils, whiskers, dots). Allow to dry.
    Step 7 Example
  9. To add a fun detail to your tray, find ribbon to thread through the lacy design around the edge of the tray. Tie a bow at the top.
    Step 8 Example
  10. At the top, twist in some wire to hang the tray. (TIP: Twist on the wire in a way that the ribbon will hide it.)
    Step 9 Example
  11. A fun and easy Spring and Easter quotes project to add color and whimsy to your home!
    Step 10 Example
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