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DIY T-Shirt Painting

SoSoft® Fabric Paint

DIY T-Shirt Painting
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DIY T-Shirt Painting

designed by Jane Vranic

"Let Your Light Shine" in this DIY painted t-shirt using SoSoft® Fabric Paint.

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SoSoft® Fabric Paint

  • Baby Pink Deep (DSS57)
  • Bright Yellow (DSS92)
  • Clear Ice (Glitter) (DSSFG01)
  • Dark Rose (DSS94)
  • Green Apple (DSS75)
  • Lamp Black (DSS24)
  • Lavender (DSS12)
  • Primary Blue (DSS42)

Other supplies

  • paintbrush (fine tip)
  • cardboard (larger than size of design: with plastic wrap or wax paper)
  • painter's or masking tape
  • cotton t-shirt (white)


NOTE: Pre-wash the t-shirt without adding any fabric softeners. Once the t-shirt is painted, allow paint to dry for 48-72 hours and then wash inside-out on a gentle cycle. Hang to dry or dry on low heat. Insert a piece of cardboard wrapped with wax paper between the t-shirt layers to prevent paint from bl

  1. Gather the materials.
    Step 0 Example
  2. Add a layer of cardboard covered with wax paper, plastic wrap, or foil under the t-shirt to prevent paint from bleeding through to the other side.
    Step 1 Example
  3. Using masking tape, mask off the area on the shirt where you want to place the design. Divide the sections into two, one 1/3 on the right side and 2/3 on the left side. (See photo.)
    Step 2 Example
  4. With a fine tip paintbrush, paint a large lightbulb on the left side using Bright Yellow.
    Step 3 Example
  5. Using Bright Yellow, paint another lightbulb shape in a smaller size in the center. Fill in this small inner bulb using Clear Ice (Glitter).
    Step 4 Example
  6. Mix Clear Ice Glitter with one small drop of Lamp Black. Using a fine tip paintbrush, paint an outline of the base of the lightbulb.
    Step 5 Example
  7. Divide the left side into three horizontal sections with painter's tape to keep the lettering straight while painting. With Baby Pink Deep, paint the word “SHINE” in big box letters.
    Step 6 Example
  8. Add a border around each block letter in Dark Rose.
    Step 7 Example
  9. With Primary Blue, paint the word “LIGHT” in big box letters.
    Step 8 Example
  10. Add a border around each block letter in Apple Green.
    Step 9 Example
  11. With Lavender, add the words “Let Your” in the top section.
    Step 10 Example
  12. Peel off the masking tape and touch up any jagged edges or missed areas.
    Step 11 Example
  13. Add rays of light in a mix of Bright Yellow and Clear Ice (Glitter) around the light bulb.
    Step 12 Example
  14. Allow paint to dry for 48-72 hours and then wash inside-out on a gentle cycle.
    Step 13 Example
  15. Wear and enjoy.
    Step 14 Example