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Decorative Bowls with Texture and Gold

Americana Decor® Texture™

Decorative Bowls with Texture and Gold
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Decorative Bowls with Texture and Gold

designed by Alexandra Hawkins

Create your own decorative bowls, perfect for weddings or parties, with Americana Decor® Texture™.

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Americana Decor® Texture™

  • Deep Turquoise (Metallic) (ADTX110)
  • Meadow Green (ADTX06)
  • Moss Blue (ADTX07)
  • Pewter (Metallic) (ADTX113)
  • Plum (Metallic) (ADTX109)

Americana® Decou-Page™

  • Paper Decou-Page (DS115)

DecoArt® Extreme Sheen™

  • 24K Gold (DPM04)

Other supplies

  • flat brush
  • 1" painter's tape (blue)
  • paper
  • palette knife
  • balloon (several)


  1. Blow up several balloons and rip the scrap paper into strips. Apply those strips to the balloon with Paper Decou-Page in the shape of a bowl and allow to dry. (Use tape and a flat surface to hold the balloon up while drying.)
    Step 0 Example
  2. Once the Paper Decou-Page is dry, apply each Americana Decor Texture color to its own balloon using a palette knife. (We used Deep Turquoise Metallic; Meadow Green; Moss Blue; Pewter Metallic; and Plum Metallic.) Apply several layers and build up the texture as desired. Let dry.
    Step 1 Example
  3. Once the outside is dry, remove the balloon.
    Step 2 Example
  4. Paint the interior of each bowl in 24K Gold.
    Step 3 Example