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Children's Cozy Reading Nook

Americana Decor® Satin Enamels™

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Children's Cozy Reading Nook

designed by Regina Davis

Give the kids a place to chill this season with a nook painted with Americana Decor® Satin Enamels™.

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Americana Decor® Satin Enamels™

  • Pure White (ADSA02)
  • Warm White (ADSA03)
  • Woodland Green (ADSA10)

Other supplies

  • scissors
  • 2" flat brush
  • burlap (scraps)
  • Mason jars (various sizes)
  • fabric of choice
  • jute twine
  • wooden snowflakes (unfinished; laser cut; 16)
  • clear fishing line
  • battery-operated tealight (6)
  • screws
  • sewing machine
  • cup hooks
  • yarn (wool, felt, and felting)
  • clamps (hose clamp (6))
  • christmas tree
  • rotary cutter ( and mat)
  • pillows
  • fabric fat quarter (4; varying colors and patterns)
  • ball lights (Amazon)
  • fairy lights (Amazon)
  • wood slices (variety of sizes )
  • wood branches and twigs
  • wooden structure
  • Fa La La La La wooden banner (JoAnns)


NOTE: A fat quarter of fabric is a one-fourth yard cut that usually measures 18" x 22".

  1. Clean all surfaces of the wooden structure to be painted.
  2. Dry-brush the box with Pure White using a 2" flat brush. (Let the wood grain and mill marks show through.) Let the paint dry completely. Repeat with Warm White.
  3. Add cup holder hooks to the ceiling of the structure to hang lights and snowflakes.
  4. To create the pillow pads: Measure the fabric based on the pillows chosen.
  5. Sew each selvage edges with the wrong sides together.
  6. Put the right sides together and sew the ends of the pillow pad.
  7. Turn the right side out and sew equal spaces for the pillows.
  8. Insert the pillows and fluff.
  9. For the fabric banners: Cut the four fat quarters into 2"-wide strips.
  10. Tie each piece of fabric onto string. Fold the fabric strip in half and loop the ends of the fabric strip through the loop. Pull tight to secure.
  11. Add a cup hook to the wall and attach the banner to each end.
  12. Mix together (1) part Warm White and (1) part Woodland Green. Paint the Falalalala banner using the mix. Let dry. Hand-paint the middles of the "A's" using Pure White. Let dry. Thread string through the banner.
  13. Add hooks to the wall and attach the banner to each end.
  14. Paint the wooden snowflakes using Warm White. Using fishing line, attach the snowflakes to the hooks on the wooden structure's ceiling.
  15. Attach lights to the hooks of the structure.
  16. Make wool weaving decoration using burlap attached to wood. (Use a variety of stitches and textures.)
  17. Hang the wool decoration using hooks and yarn.
  18. Hang a goodnight sign using a hook.
  19. Create a faux fire using natural branches and fairy lights.
  20. Attach the hose clamps to the wall of the structure in desired locations.
  21. Add a Mason jar filled with natural tree slices and a battery operated tealight. Tighten the clamps to secure jars.the
  22. Tie coordinating yarn around the tree and place near pillow pad. Add more fairy lights, if desired.
  23. Add wool balls in a basket for an indoor snowball fight.


Pre-drilling holes will make putting screws and hooks in much easier. Use a bit that is just smaller than the screw/hook.