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Flowery Christmas Ornaments

Americana® Gloss Enamels™

Flowery Christmas Ornaments
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Flowery Christmas Ornaments

designed by Michellle Stevens

Bring a soft and flowery vibe to your tree with these elegant ornaments!

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Americana® Gloss Enamels™

  • Calypso Blue (DAG234)
  • Indian Turquoise (DAG87)
  • Lavender (DAG34)
  • White (DAG01)

Other supplies

  • paint supplies: various brushes, water container, paper towel and/or rags, palette/paper plate
  • gloss enamels brush
  • plastic ornaments


NOTE: Allow paint to dry fully between steps. An Americana Gloss Enamels Brush is ideal for applying this paint as it has softer bristles and that will allow for heavier coverage.

  1. Use a medium brush to apply Lavender to one ornament and Baby Blue to the other ornament.
  2. Using a quick swipe method, paint small lines in a circle, mimicking the shape of a flower. Use Lavender and White on the Baby Blue ornament. Use Calypso Blue, Turquoise and White on the Lavender ornament.
    Step 1 Example