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Chalkboard Jar with Lid

Americana® Reusable Stick-On Stencils

Chalkboard Jar with Lid
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Chalkboard Jar with Lid

designed by DecoArt Design Team

Make these label jars using Americana® Reusable Stick-On Stencils for homemade preserves.

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Americana® Reusable Stick-On Stencils

  • Lotsa Labels (8" x 11") (ARS02)

Chalkboard Products

  • Americana® Gloss Enamels Glass Chalkboard Paint (DS111)

Other supplies

  • cosmetic sponge
  • jar with lid


  1. Position the stencil (shown: Lotsa Labels) on surface. Press firmly and remove any wrinkles or bubbles.
  2. Using a cosmetic sponge, apply Glass Chalkboard Paint. Let the paint dry completely.
  3. Using the same sponge, apply another coat of Glass Chalkboard Paint to the surface. Carefully remove the stencil while the paint is still wet.
  4. For baking, follow the label instructions to fully cure the paint.