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Metallic and Neon Dotted CD Crate

Americana® Clear Chalkboard Coating

Metallic and Neon Dotted CD Crate
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Metallic and Neon Dotted CD Crate

designed by Micaela Spiggle

Keep CDs safely and colorfully in their place with a storage crate that sings organization.

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Americana® Acrylics

  • Electric Blue (Neon) (DHS6)
  • Fiery Red (Neon) (DHS4)
  • Scorching Yellow (Neon) (DHS1)
  • Sizzling Pink (Neon) (DHS3)
  • Torrid Orange (Neon) (DHS2)

Chalkboard Products

  • Americana® Clear Chalkboard Coating (DS107)

Dazzling Metallics®

  • Shimmering Silver (DAO70)

Other supplies

  • water container
  • palette or plastic plate
  • paper towels
  • sandpaper
  • wooden CD crate
  • 3/4" flat brush
  • chalk
  • hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • lunette board (or any flat wooden plaque)
  • 1/4" pouncer (Americana Dual Sided Pouncers - DABK19)
  • 3/4" pouncer (Americana Dual Sided Pouncers - DABK19)


NOTE: Allow to dry between painting steps.

  1. Use a 3/4” flat brush to basecoat the entire crate with Shimmering Silver. Rinse brush.
  2. Use the same brush with Electric Blue to basecoat the wooden plaque. Let dry completely, sand, and add another coat. Let dry completely. Rinse brush.
  3. Add a thin coat of Clear Chalkboard Coating on the plaque. (Follow the instructions on the Clear Chalkboard Coating package.)
  4. Use the sponge pouncers dipped separately in Scorching Yellow, Torrid Orange, Sizzling Pink, Fiery Red, and Electric Blue to dot randomly all over the crate. Repeat as needed.
  5. Use hot glue to attach the plaque to the front of the crate. Personalize with chalk.


Sanding in between the coats helps to create a smooth, even coat on the Clear Chalkboard Coating surface.