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Painted Cacti Canvas Set

Americana® Acrylics

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Painted Cacti Canvas Set

designed by Micaela Spiggle

Add warmth and a Southwestern flair to any room with the latest colors of Americana® Acrylics.

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Americana® Acrylics

  • Aqua Sky (DA333)
  • Bright Salmon (DA329)
  • Chartreuse Yellow (DA330)
  • Colonial Blue (DA334)
  • Desert Cactus (DA331)
  • Frosted Plum (DA335)
  • Lamp (Ebony) Black (DAO67)
  • Teal Mint (DA332)
  • Warm White (DA239)

Other supplies

  • tracing paper
  • transfer paper
  • #2 round brush
  • #10 flat brush
  • #1 liner brush
  • pen or pencil
  • stretched canvas (6" square; 4-pack)


  1. Use a flat brush to paint two canvases Warm White and two with Aqua Sky. Rinse brush. Let dry. Use a flat brush with Desert Cactus, Frosted Plum, Bright Salmon, and Chartreuse Yellow to paint the sides of the canvases plus a border around each front. Rinse brush.
  2. Print patterns to fit the canvas size. Use a pen or pencil and the tracing and transfer papers to transfer the patterns on each canvas. Use a round brush to basecoat each cactus using Bright Salmon, Colonial Blue, Chartreuse Yellow, and Desert Cactus. Rinse brush.
  3. Use the round and liner brushes to mix Warm White with Bright Salmon and paint details on the circle cacti and the Bright Salmon-colored cactus. Rinse brush. Use Frosted Plum and Colonial Blue to paint the cacti on the Colonial Blue and Warm White canvases. (See photo.) Rinse brush.
  4. Use the round and liner brushes with Lamp Black to paint open and closed triangles and open and closed circles in the backgrounds. Rinse brushes.