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Bursting Bouquet Canvas

Traditions™ Artist Acrylic

Bursting Bouquet Canvas
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Bursting Bouquet Canvas

designed by Debbie Cotton

Debbie Cotton's design of summer blossoms, painted with Traditions™ Artist Acrylics, will give any room a POP of fresh color.

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Traditions™ Artist Acrylic

  • Carbon Black (DAT42)
  • Cerulean Blue (DAT28)
  • Dark Grey Value 3 (DAT41)
  • Hansa Yellow Light (DAT15)
  • Light Grey Value 8 (DAT39)
  • Pine Green (DAT19)
  • Prussian Blue Hue (DAT25)
  • Titanium White (DAT35)
  • Warm White (DAT36)

Traditions™ Mediums

  • Extender & Blending Medium (DATM02)
  • Glazing Medium (DATM01)

Traditions™ Sealers and Varnishes

  • Satin Varnish (DATM04)

Other supplies

  • water container
  • palette or plastic plate
  • paper towels
  • stylus or pencil
  • tracing paper
  • transfer paper
  • 1/4" angle brush
  • 1/2" angle brush
  • 1" oval wash brush
  • 1" flat wash brush
  • palette knife
  • canvas (16" x 20")
  • cup of water


NOTES: Read the downloadable instructions, with step-by-step photos, completely before starting the project. This is a very loose style of painting. Have fun with it and try not to over-think your technique.

  1. After completing the background, lightly transfer the pattern.
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