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Tropical Bird Feeder

Patio Paint Outdoor™

Tropical Bird Feeder
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Tropical Bird Feeder

designed by Cheryl Schaub

Bring the warmth and color of the summer to a bird feeder, no matter what time of the year it is.

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Patio Paint Outdoor™

  • Carnation Pink (DCP41)
  • Cloud White (DCP14)
  • Desert Turquoise (DCP79)
  • Marigold (DCP57)
  • Woodland Brown (DCP18)

Other supplies

  • water container
  • palette or plastic plate
  • paper towels
  • #2 liner brush
  • #6 round brush
  • old toothbrush
  • tape
  • bird feeder


NOTE: Let dry completely between painting steps.

  1. Using a #2 liner brush, create two shades of tan: Create a warm tan color by mixing Woodland Brown and a little Cloud White. Create a second tan color by adding more Cloud White to the first mix. Using quick, short strokes, cover the roof with the warm tan paint color. Use the lighter shade of tan and the same painting method go over the roof again. Finish off with adding highlights using just Cloud White.
    Step 0 Example
  2. Place the palm tree pattern inside the bird feeder and secure with a piece of tape. Use the first tan mix in step one for the tree trunk. Use the liner brush to stroke on both Woodland Brown and Cloud White to add details on the trunk.
  3. To create the palm tree foliage, mix Desert Turquoise and Cloud White. Following the pattern and using the #6 round brush, stroke on the two colors. Dip the handle end of the brush into Woodland Brown and the warm tan mix and dot on the coconuts.
  4. Place the flower pattern inside bird feeder; secure with tape. Add a mix of Carnation Pink and Marigold to the palette or plastic plate. Using the #6 round brush, fill in the flower. Add a little Woodland Brown to that mix and use the #2 liner brush to create the flower veins. Add Cloud White highlights to the flower and Carnation Pink dots to the flower stigma.
    Step 3 Example
  5. Place the starfish pattern in bird feeder and secure with tape. The starfish is painted with two colors, Desert Turquoise and a mix of Desert Turquoise and Cloud White. Basecoat with the Desert Turquoise/Cloud White mix using the #6 round brush and then stroke on Desert Turquoise using the #2 liner brush. Allow to dry and then add Desert Turquoise dots.
  6. Sand dollar: Place the pattern in the bird feeder and secure with tape. Lighten the Woodland Brown with Cloud White to create a tan color, then lighten some more for a second shade of tan. Basecoat the sand dollar, slightly blending the two mixes together using the #6 round brush.
  7. Create the outline of the star with Woodland Brown and fill in with the light tan mix (the second mix from step 6). Highlight the inside of the star with Cloud White using the #2 liner brush. Add the slits on the sand dollar using Woodland Brown and the #2 liner brush. Highlight the slits with Cloud White. Using the toothbrush and Woodland Brown, splatter the sand dollar.
  8. Sun: Place the pattern in bird feeder and secure with tape. The sun is created using two shades: Marigold and a Cloud White/Marigold mix. Basecoat the sun with the mix using the #6 round brush for the center of the sun and the #2 liner brush for the rays. In the center of the sun, blend Marigold and the Marigold/White Cloud mix using the #6 round brush. Stroke the two colors on the rays using the #2 liner brush.
  9. Shell: Place the pattern in the bird feeder and secure with tape. The shell is created using two shades of pink: Apply Carnation Pink to the palette or plastic plate for one color, then mix Cloud White and Carnation Pink together for the second color.
    Step 8 Example
  10. Basecoat the shell using the Cloud White/Carnation Pink mix and a #6 round brush. Add a little Woodland Brown to Carnation Pink and create the lines of the shell using the #2 liner brush. Add Carnation Pink to the outside edge and the inside lines of the shell.
  11. Using the #2 liner brush and Cloud White, add “M” shapes for birds in flight around the bird feeder.
  12. Add a little trim to the top of the bird feeder and to the perch area using the #2 liner brush and Cloud White.
    Step 11 Example
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