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Stenciled Arabian Tile Blue Birdhouse

Patio Paint Outdoor™

Stenciled Arabian Tile Blue Birdhouse
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Stenciled Arabian Tile Blue Birdhouse

designed by Donna Bush

Arabian-inspired stencils add a pop of color to this decorative birdhouse.

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Patio Paint Outdoor™

  • Apple Green (DCP75)
  • Coastal Surf (DCP80)
  • Larkspur Blue (DCP34)
  • Mistletoe Green (DCP46)
  • Summer Sky Blue (DCP10)

Other supplies

  • 1" flat brush
  • 1/4" flat brush
  • wooden birdhouse (hexagon)
  • cosmetic sponges
  • stencil (of choice)


NOTE: Let dry completely between painting steps.

  1. Using a 1" flat brush, basecoat the roof in Summer Sky Blue and the walls in Coastal Surf.
  2. Using a 1/4" flat brush, apply Mistletoe Green to the base and Summer Sky Blue to the feet and peg.
  3. Position the desired stencil in location. Using a cosmetic sponge, apply Larkspur Blue, Apple Green, and Summer Sky Blue as desired (using a separate cosmetic sponge for each).
  4. Let dry for two days before exposing to moisture.