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Cozy Farmhouse Coffee Table and Chessboard

Americana Decor® Chalky Finish™

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Cozy Farmhouse Coffee Table and Chessboard

designed by Regina Davis

Create a lovely farmhouse-style table and chessboard with Chalky Finish!

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Americana Decor® Chalky Finish™ Paint

  • Carbon (ADC29)
  • Lace (ADC02)

Americana Decor® Crème Waxes

  • Deep Brown (ADM07)

DecoArt® Extreme Sheen™

  • Antique Bronze (DPM08)
  • Pearl (DPM01)

Other supplies

  • sandpaper
  • 2" flat brush (Americana Decor, ADB03-K)
  • coffee table
  • Masonite board
  • wax brush
  • chess pieces


  1. Clean any dust or dirt from an old coffee table. Paint table using Chalky Finish in Lace.
  2. Once paint is dry to touch apply another layer of paint. Let dry completely.
  3. Lightly distress table with sand paper if desired.
  4. Using a waxing brush, apply small amounts of deep brown wax. Once wax is applied to entire surface let dry.
  5. To create a chess board, cut or upcycle a 18"x18" piece of MDF board. Tape pattern with 1" painters tape. Paint black spaces. Remove tape and let dry completely. Paint white spaces.
  6. lightly sand entire chess board to distress. Apply deep brown wax using the same method as the table.
  7. Gather chess pieces and group into each color. Paint one set with Extreme Sheen in Pearl. Let dry.
  8. Paint other set using Antique Bronze. Let dry.
  9. Repeat for 3-4 coats until the desired finish is achieved. Let dry overnight.
  10. Arrange chess pieces on chess table and set chess board on table. Enjoy your new table and game board!