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DecoArt Media® Texture Products

DecoArt's Media line has multiple texture products all used to create dimension in mixed media art.

Media Texture Heavy Gel

Heavy Gel

Thick viscosity medium that is ideal for impasto techniques in mixed media painting and will allow you to build texture or increase paint body. It can be tinted but will dry translucent.

Media Modeling Paste

Modeling Paste

Smooth Modeling Paste is an opaque, flexible texture that can be used as a stencil paste or to create stamped impressions, textured surfaces or dimensional designs. It is available in both black and white and can be tinted with up to 10% Media Fluid Acrylics.

Media Texture Paste

Texture Paste

Sandable medium that allows you to add smooth or rough texture and dimension to craft and mixed media projects. It can be tinted or painted to create custom-colored texture. It can also be used as a stencil paste or to create stamped impressions.

Media Texture Sand Paste

Texture Sand Paste

Ultra-fine Texture Sand Paste is a brushable, sandable,and paintable paste that creates texture and dimension similar in look and feel to wet sand. It is ideal for use as astencil paste, and can be tinted with up to 10% Media Fluid Acrylics.

Media Liquid Glass

Liquid Glass

Clear Liquid Glass is a specially formulated product for adding dimensional details, designs, or embellishments, or to adhere and magnify embellishments. It dries quickly to a clear,glass-like finish that is hard, durable, and non-tacky.

Choosing the Right Texture Product

Each Media texture product serves a different function when you are creating. Consult our chart to help determine the right product for the effect you are trying to achieve.

Heavy GelHEAVY
Modeling PasteMODELING
Modeling PasteTEXTURE
Texture Sand PasteTEXTURE
Liquid GlassLIQUID
Opacity Transparent Opaque and Translucent Options Opaque Opaque Transparent
With stencils  

Opacity Guide:

  • Transparent - allows light to pass through so that objects behind can be distinctly seen
  • Transluscent - allows light to pass through, but not detailed images
  • Opaque - does not allow light or images to pass through

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