Do I have to paint on special paper?

Nope! You can use regular copy paper, notebook paper, or pages from a coloring book.

Will the black lines transfer from a coloring book or printed design?

No, unless you are using a laser printer. Laser printed lines will transfer faintly. Images from your ink jet or pictures from a coloring book will NOT transfer the lines. If you want the black lines to appear, you will need to paint over them with black Ink Effects ink. We suggest you paint your lines last after you paint the rest of your image for a more finished look.

Do the inks need to be completely dry before you iron on your design?

Yes. Drying time is usually between 30 and 45 minutes. You can speed up the process by using a hair dryer.

Can I wash an Ink Effects piece?

Yes, in cold water. However, the higher the cotton content of your fabric, the more your design will fade with repeated washings, even if you use the base coat.

Can I use Ink Effects on cotton?

Vibrancy of color transfer will vary with different blends of fabrics. For best results, use fabrics that contain 60% cotton or less. For fabrics over 60% cotton, prepare the surface area with Ink Effects Basecoat to increase ink absorbency.

The base coat left splatter marks. What do I do?

Try propping the fabric vertically then spraying instead of holding the bottle over the fabric on a flat surface. This will lessen drips.

Can you combine the inks to make more colors?

Yes! We provide you with some basic colors but you are not limited by exactly what is in the bottle. Combine the inks in different ratios to make new colors. You might want to test your color combos out on a scrap piece of fabric so you can see what you truly end up with, since the ink color will vary greatly from what the finished design looks like after ironing.

Can I use Ink Effects on silk?

We do not recommend you use Ink Effects on silk at this time. The base coat also will not work well with the silk.