Snow Time Penguin


Using Gloss Enamels and a stencil, you can quickly create this charming penguin friend on a clear glass ornament. He looks especially cute when standing on a pile of "snow".

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The Fourth Day of Christmas:


What's black and white and colorful all over? This holiday ornament dressed in Americana Gloss Enamels.

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Americana® Frost Gloss Enamels

DAGF02 White

Americana® 3D Gloss Enamel Opaque Writers

DGEW01 White
DGEW36 True Blue
DGEW67 Black
DGEW129 True Red
DGEW228 Bright Orange

Glamour Dust

DAS37 Crystal

Americana® Stencils Self-Adhesive Glass Series

AGS211 Whimsical Christmas

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DS3 DecoMagic Brush Cleaner

Other Supplies


flat glass ornament


paper towels
water container
palette or plastic plate
cosmetic sponge


Note: Allow to dry between painting steps.

  1. Remove ornament's lid. Use cosmetic sponge dipped in White Frost Gloss Enamels and dab excess off on palette or plate first and then dab all over back side of ornament.
  2. Remove penguin stencil from Whimsical Christmas package and plastic backing and center on front of ornament.
  3. Use Black, True Blue, White, True Red, and Bright Orange Opaque Writers to fill in penguin. (See photo for color placement.)
  4. Carefully remove stencil from tab and immediately place on plate of DecoMagic to clean stencil.
  5. Pour Crystal Glamour Dust in ornament and fill up to level of penguin's feet.
  6. Cut and tie ribbon to ornament.