Felt Reindeer


Ink Effects and felt go perfectly together. This reindeer design can be used with other items too, like pillows or napkins. If you can paint in a coloring book, you can have success with Ink Effects!

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The Fifth Day of Christmas:


Create this reindeer embellishment on fabric and wood with DecoArt's new Ink Effects Fabric Transfer Paint.

DecoArt Products

Ink Effects Fabric Transfer Paint

IE02 Red
IE12 Black

Americana® Acrylics

DA170 Santa Red

Other Supplies


3½" x 5¼" wooden board


#6 flat brush
#1 liner brush
paper towels
water container
palette or plastic plate
one sheet of white felt
two shiny red chenille stems
computer paper
iron and ironing board

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Note: Allow to dry between painting steps.

  1. Trace and transfer design onto paper.
  2. Fill in reindeer using #6 flat brush and Red.
  3. Outline reindeer and antlers with Black. Use end of brush handle to add black dots to accent antlers. Let dry completely.
  4. Turn iron on highest setting. Place felt down and painted paper on top of felt face down. Iron for 30-40 seconds. Remove paper.
  5. Use #6 flat brush to paint back and edges of wooden board Santa Red. Let dry completely.
  6. Cut felt to size of board, with reindeer at center.
  7. Use hot glue gun to attach felt to board.
  8. Cut chenille stems to fit around edges of board and glue down. Cut 4" length to bend and twist into bow and glue on top.
  9. Cut and tie ribbon on back side.