Dimensional Snowflake Ornament


Dimensional Effects and a foam stamp work together to create this glittery ornament. Learn tips for working with Dimensional Effects to create even more designs.

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The Ninth Day of Christmas:


Start with Dimensional Effects to give this holiday ornament a unique focal point as well as texture.

DecoArt Products

Dimensional Effects

DS106 Dimensional Effects

Dazzling Metallics

DA117 White Pearl

Craft Twinkles

DCT18 Galaxy Blue


DT02 Palette Knife

Other Supplies


round flat wood ornament


#12 flat brush
paper towels
water container
palette or plastic plate
foam stamp of your choice
hairdryer (optional)


Note: Allow to dry between painting steps.

  1. Use palette knife to apply Dimensional Effects on ornament surface. Either let dry for 15-20 minutes or speed dry with hairdryer until surface is dry to touch but Dimensional Effects is still pliable (about one minute).
  2. Position and press stamp into Dimensional Effects. Let dry completely.
  3. Use #12 flat brush to coat ornament with White Pearl.
  4. Use palette knife to spread Galaxy Blue glitter over entire ornament.
  5. When dry, use toothpick to open hole at ornament top. Thread ribbon or cording through hole, tie and hang.
Helpful hint:

Dimensional Effects is normally smoothed out or texturized with tools and allowed to dry completely. When pressing stamps or objects into Dimensional Effects, it needs to be pliable. However, surface needs to be dry to touch so stamps or objects do not adhere to surface. Drying with hairdryer set on low or air drying works best. It is also helpful to dip stamp in water before stamping to achieve clean image.