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Glitter Basecoat

Glitter Basecoatâ„¢

Painting with glitter is easier than ever before with this revolutionary new basecoat medium. A tintable, neutral base with grit, it grabs the glitter, allowing for fuller coverage in fewer coats.

Superior Coverage

The grit texture grabs the glitter creating a fuller coverage and more sparkle and shine!


Without Glitter Basecoat


With Glitter Basecoat

How To Use Glitter Basecoat:

Mix Glitter Basecoat with a water-based acrylic paint color similar to the glitter paint color using a 1:1 ratio (recommended for most applications). Paint surface. Once basecoat has dried, brush on glitter paint. Soap and water clean up.

Tips for Glitter Basecoat:

For a monochromatic look, match an Americana Acrylic paint color to your glitter color before you start painting

For a dramatic effect, choose a contrasting Americana Acrylic paint color from the color of glitter you are using

Always pre-mix (use a palette knife) your Americana Acrylic paint with DecoArt Glitter Basecoat before you begin painting. Never mix directly on the surface to be painted

For even coverage use a fan brush when applying Glitter Basecoat mixture to your surface in a cross-hatch motion

When applying glitter do not overwork your surface by brushing back and forth. This may drag the glitter off the surface. Instead, apply 2-3 layers of glitter, allowing each layer to dry before applying the next layer

Clean brushes and tools immediately after use for easy clean up

Basecoating Colors:

Tint DecoArt Glitter Basecoat with a paint color similar to your glitter paint. Check out our Americana Acrylics tinting suggestions for our most popular glitter paints, or experiment with your own color combinations.


Holographic Illusion Color Suggested Americana Basecoat
Crystal Ball (DHG01) Snow White (DAO1)
Fairy Pink (DGH02) Baby Pink (DAO31)
Bewitching Red (DGH03) True Red (DA129)
Orange Flash (DHG04) Spiced Pumpkin (DA310)
Magic Gold (DHG05) Antique Gold (DAO9)
Green Potion (DHG06) Festive Green (DA230)
Dazzling Tea (DHG07) Peacock Teal (DA326)

Holographic Illusion Color Suggested Americana Basecoat
Enchanted Blue (DHG08) True Blue (DAO36)
Lush Lavender (DHG09) Purple Cow (DA272)
Divine Purple (DHG10) Dioxazine Purple (DA101)
Silver Illusion (DHG11) Grey Sky (DA111)
Mystic Black (DHG12) Lamp (Ebony) Black (DAO67)
Full Spectrum (DHG13) Grey Sky (DA111)


Galaxy Glitter Color Suggested Americana Basecoat
Clear Ice Comet (DGG18) Snow White (DAO1)
Champagne Stardust (DGG14) Oyster Beige (DA313)
Pink Cosmos (DGG07) Bubblegum Pink (DA250)
Red Nebula (DGG04) Santa Red (DA170)
Supernova Berry (DGG17) Magenta (DA368)
Solar Flare Orange (DGG16) Orange Flame (DA315)
Gold Shooting Star (DGG01) Sunny Day (DA325)
Big Bang (DGG09) Cadmium Yellow Hue (DAO10)
Extraterrestrial Green (DGG15) Irish Moss (DA312)
Galaxy Glitter Color Suggested Americana Basecoat
Aurora Borealis Green (DGG03) Kelly Green (DAO55)
Aqua Meteor (DGG10) Peacock Teal (DA326)
Milky Way Blue (DGG05) Calypso Blue (DA234)
Deep Space Blue (DGG13) Navy (DAO35)
Ultraviolet (DGG06) Purple Pizzazz (DA302)
Purple Eclipse (DGG11) Dioxazine Purple (DA101)
Bronze Asteroid (DGG12) Trad. Burnt Sienna (DA223)
Silver Moon (DGG02) Grey Sky (DA111)
Black Hole (DGG08) Lamp (Ebony) Black (DAO67)

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