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Glitter Products



DecoArt Glitter Paints and Sprinkle-On Products

DecoArt offers a variety of brush-on glitter paints and even sprinkle-on glitter to ensure that you have just the right product to add a bit of sparkle and shine to your projects. Whether you are looking for a large, bold glitter flake or a finer flake for a more subtle design, there's an option just right for your project.

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Glitter Products

Craft Twinkles™

All-purpose, premium, large-flake glitter paint that adds bold shine to projects. Offers dramatically better coverage than glitter glues and each color has multiple shades of glitter for depth.

Glamour Dust™

Premium, ultra-fine glitter paint and sprinkle-on glitter that add subtle sparkle and shimmer to projects. Brush-on paint formula has excellent adhesion to minimize flaking. Sprinkle-on glitter adds dimension and shine to painted surfaces.

Galaxy Glitter™

Bold, multi-colored brush-on glitter acrylic that adds intense shimmer and shine to craft projects and home décor accents. Formulated in a crystal-clear base with multiple sizes of glitter, this paint offers exceptional coverage and depth without the mess of loose glitters or glues.

Crystal Gloss Enamels Glitter™

Multi-Surface, ultra-fine glitter paint that can be baked for a durable, dishwasher-safe finish. Water-based making it simple to apply and clean-up.

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