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How DecoArt is preparing & responding

May 5, 2020
To Our Valued Customers, Vendors, and Makers,
It is my hope that this update finds you and your families safe at home and well during this unprecedented time. It has been 42 days since DecoArt, Inc. ceased operations in most areas of our business and I am pleased to announce that we have received some official guidance as it relates to reopening:

Business Operations:
DecoArt will resume Manufacturing and Distribution Operations on May 11th in a limited capacity. To clarify what "limited capacity" means for DecoArt, please understand the following:
  • As many businesses re-open across the country, guidance has been provided on the pace we are permitted to re-open. And the pace at DecoArt will be methodical and slow.
  • Although we are excited to welcome back our workforce, we do not anticipate production levels reaching normalcy until mid-late June - gradually increasing each week.
  • We will assess each Phase of our re-opening to ensure the safety of our employees, but also to manage our processes while increasing our capacity so that we can more effectively communicate to you, our valued Customer.
During this time, of planning for the future and re-opening, there has also been time for reflection and thanks. Our Retailers, Distributors and Consumers have supported us through this time both with kind words - and with continued product orders. And for that, I am grateful. Our employees have been resilient and their actions, generosity, and "never give up" attitudes during this time reminded me that the Values in which DecoArt stands for resonate deeply within our Organization.

Who would have thought, that a challenging time such as this, would result in such peace and a grateful heart.

Thank you for your ongoing and continued support of DecoArt.

Stan Clifford