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How DecoArt is preparing & responding

June 5, 2020
To Our Valued Customers, Vendors, and Makers,
As communicated in my monthly update in early May, I was pleased to announce that DecoArt resumed Manufacturing and Distribution Operations on May 11th in a limited capacity.

Although it was a blessing to have many of our employees return to work in a manner that we all refer to as the “now normal”, it has not come without challenges. DecoArt’s “now normal” has provided for many adjustments within our facilities as guidance has been provided on the pace we were permitted to re-open – adjustments that need to be made while still managing a high demand for our product.

It is clear, that Arts, Crafts and DIY Projects fueled imagination and creativity during the time in which we were all safe at home as the demand for our family of products is stronger than it has ever been.

In order to maintain transparency on how our organization is working together to meet this demand, please note the following as it relates to how we are managing our production capabilities while ensuring the safety of our workforce during this time:

  • We are methodically increasing our production capabilities. Production levels are running at approximately 60% compared to production prior to capacity to ensure adequate social distancing. We anticipate gradual increases through July as we get back up to speed!
  • We are prioritizing for largest creative impact. To help manage this demand during this period of time we are placing a focus on our high volume skus – those 40% of skus will represent 80% of our sales. This will allow us to guide our production to our top selling products and maximize your sales.
  • We are working with you, the customer, directly. Doing this allows us to manage lead time, manage your orders, priorities, and your questions offering the best guidance possible.
  • We are being creative as well! The “now normal” has influenced the need to be more creative than usual. From people, to processes, from marketing to design we are doing our best to think out of the box and meet the demands that are upon us.
  • We are investing in our facility. We are excited to have just completed an expansion of our mixing department and now we are expanding in our bottling department as well. We know the demand of our product is not going to lighten up any time soon, and we want to be ready to support you.
But most importantly, we hear you. We could not imagine the demand we would have on our product – and we could not imagine ever having to close our doors for 50 days. But it is the situation we are faced with. Just like every other challenge DecoArt has faced over our 35 years of creativity, we will face this challenge head on and deliver the product you know, love and trust.

Thank you for your ongoing and continued support of DecoArt.

Stan Clifford