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Craft Blast: Mindfulness Art

By: DecoArt
March 31, 2020

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Craft Blast: Mindfulness Art
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In our series of Daily Craft Blasts, we are sharing encouragement and inspiration to help you stay creative and build community. Everything can be done at home with your family! Check-in daily to get involved and participate in the action! We are in this together and are proud to be #MadeForMakers.

These uncertain times can bring added anxiety and stress to our daily lives even when we are at home and trying to create. A great way to be able to relax while you create is a concept called mindfulness! Mindfulness originated from Eastern philosophy but has recently become a common therapeutic tool in modern, Western psychology. Mindfulness is simply keeping your thoughts in the present moment and being nonjudgemental. Research shows practicing mindfulness can start to physically rewire your brain helping you feel less anxious and more grounded, even when practiced for a short amount of time! 

Being in the present moment means we are not dwelling on the past nor are we worrying about the future. This is the opposite of multi-tasking! Instead of watching the news while you craft or stressing about an upcoming deadline, simply focus your attention on the task at hand. When painting, only let your mind focus on what you're doing. Notice how the brush feels, the way the light reflects off the paint, and every small detail you can. When your mind wanders from the present moment (because you know it will!), don't beat yourself up. Stay nonjudgemental about the task you're doing and of yourself. Be kind to yourself! 

Below are 3 creative activities that are great for practicing mindfulness painting. 

1. Paint Pouring
Paint pouring is a great exercise in mindfulness painting since much of the enjoyment comes from the moments when your acrylics are still moving, flowing, and changing on the canvas. Truly appreciate the beauty in the moment without judging the outcome. Find paint pouring inspiration and tutorials here

2. Abstract Art
Abstract art is another great opportunity to let go while being creative. Do not plan this painting and do not judge what comes from letting your creativity flow in the moment. Just breath and paint. Check out some examples below for inspiration! 

Modern Abstract Canvas by Jennifer Rizzo

Modern Abstract Canvas by Jennifer Rizzo

DIY Abstract Art by Sarah Hearts

DIY Abstract Art by Sarah Hearts

Abstract Art by Jennifer Rizzo

Abstract Art by Jennifer Rizzo

3. Rock Painting
Rock painting can be a very grounding activity since the canvas is something found in nature. Two of the most popular rock painting designs are inspirational kindness rocks and mandala dot art rocks. Spreading encouraging messages with beautiful rocks is a lovely thing to focus your creative energy on and is sure to lift your spirits as well as the people who get to see your rocks. Dot art might be new to you, but there has never been a better time to try it out then now! Give it a go and simply set your attention on each dot as you mark it. Mandalas were originally created to help one focus during meditation so they are a great design to paint mindfully. Again, remember not to judge yourself if you aren't good at it right away. You know you'll get better. Find rock painting inspiration here

Practice mindfulness painting with the creative activities above. If you enjoy it, try adding these concepts of staying in the present moment and nonjudgement into your daily life. 

Share your experiences with mindfulness painting in the comments below! 


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