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Color of the Month: Mint

By: DecoArt
April 6, 2020

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Color of the Month: Mint
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April's Color of the Month is mint! Mint is a fresh and fabulous color, perfect for Spring projects. Popular in 2020 fashion and interior design trends, this color is also a great option for updating your outdoor spaces. 

The modern mint color we all know and love is a pastel variation of "spring green," which was first used as a color name in England in 1766. On the color wheel, spring green is between green and blue.

Style expert Max Grobe predicted that "Neo Mint" would be a big deal in 2020, and he was right! Although this color can be used to achieve a vintage look, when used in modern fashion it creates an extremely futuristic vibe. This color is also the perfect balance between natural and tech and is gender-neutral so it can be worn and appreciated by everyone! (Source: Highsnobiety)  

 Titelmedia / Joseph Jagos

Mint is great to use in home décor since it is sensible, balanced, and versatile. Use mint in your kitchen to achieve a vintage, farmhouse effect and in your bathroom for a clean and cool vibe. The mint shade in our Americana Decor Chalky Finish line is named "Refreshing" because like mint the herb, mint the color is fresh and airy. Finally, mint is simply elegant when used in outdoor projects like the ones below.

Project Inspiration:

Welcome Spring Wooden Plaque

"Welcome Spring" Wooden Plaque

Mint Curb Appeal Flower Planter

Mint Curb Appeal Flower Planter

Mint Green Front Door

Mint Green Front Door

Stay true to mint's Spring-y look by pairing it with floral colors like pink, lavender, and blue. For a fresh and chic look, try mint with white or champagne gold. You may not describe mint as modern or sophisticated, but when paired with greys, it truly creates a soft, contemporary color combination. 

Product Inspiration:

Americana Acrylics
in Mint Julep Green, Sweet Mint, Pistachio Mint, and NEW Jadeite Glass
DecoArt Glass Paint in Mint
DecoArt Fluid Art Ready-to-Pour in Mint Green
Americana Decor Chalky Finish in Refreshing
Americana Decor Curb Appeal in Cape Cod Mint

In our brand new DecoArt Glass Paint line, now available at Michaels, we introduced a Mint glass acrylic that is will look beautiful on your DIY wine glasses, pitchers, and more! In addition, we added Jadeite Glass to our Americana Acrylics line to help your projects stay trendy in 2020.

With craft, DIY, glass, and outdoor offerings, you're sure to find the perfect mint paint for your next project! Tell us what you think of our Color of the Month in the comments below.


I've loved "mint" as a color for interior decor since I was a 4-year old and watched my gramma paint her kitchen chairs with her homemade milk paint in a fresh shade of mint. I told her when I was a gramma I was going to paint my kitchen chairs the same color! I'm a gramma now so I better get busy painting my chairs. Thanks for this beautiful reminder!


April 6, 2020

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