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Before you buy, DIY! Our DIY projects will inspire you to take a new look at items you might already own or that you spot at the local flea market. Whether you are an expert or just starting out, this collection of DIY tutorials will have you feeling empowered to tackle your own projects in no time. Make sure you share your creations with us using #decoartprojects for a chance to be featured.

New Year Quote Art

By: Go Font Yourself
January 4, 2021

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New Year Quote Art
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How is it 2021 already?! 2020 was a little different than we all expected and that comes with quite a few lessons learned. I wanted to spend the month of January really reflecting on what I plan to leave in 2020 so I can have a fresh start in the new year. 

Being forced to isolate makes you realize what is truly important and what you may have been taking for granted. As a way to celebrate the victories and commemorate the lessons, I wanted to create a little area in my home dedicated to displaying all the negative self-thoughts I’m leaving behind! After all, Hindsight is 2020! So here is my process of creating a framed display that I’m keeping on my desk during January with a little jar to keep all the ways of thinking that I am determined not to take into 2021.

This is a super simple way to create a visually stunning piece with minimal effort using DecoArt® Stencils On A Ring now available at The Stencils have individual characters secured with a detachable jump ring which makes them incredibly easy to use. Each ring has an entire alphabet in capital and lowercase letters, numbers and even punctuation marks!

Items needed:

  • Dazzling Metallics 2oz - Shimmering Silver
  • Dazzling Metallics 2oz - Glorious Gold
  • Black cardstock paper
  • Two small sponges
  • Paint brush
  • Frame
  • Paint pen
  • Pen/paper
  • Mason jar


Start by gathering up your supplies and picking out the colors of paint you’d like to include. I chose DecoArt® Dazzling Metallics® in Shimmering Silver and Glorious Gold. They are super sparkly and will brighten up any black background.

Instruction #1 - Supplies Portrait
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Then pick out the font you want to use for your DecoArt® Stencils On A Ring. Here are three samples – we’ve got Sophisticated, Sea Dog, and Funky Flair. I chose Funky Flair! These Stencils make it so easy to put up a DIY quote on the wall without having to learn lettering!

Instruction #2 - Display of Stencil
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Next, get your selected paints into your palette and get your sponges ready. I’m going for an ombre effect so I got my stencils all set up, held in place, and just sponged right onto the black card stock.

Instruction #3 - Stencil Fonts
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Instruction #4 - Sponge with Paint
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Instruction #5 - Ombre Stencils with Sponge
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I try to hold down as still as possible and lightly dab the paint on top. Here, I used the Funky Flair lowercase stencils and the numbers to letter the quote “Hindsight 2020”.

Instruction #6 - Flatlay Without Frame
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Once that is complete, wait for it to dry completely. Add a cute frame and display next to an empty mason jar to fill with all the doubts and fears you want to leave in 2020!

Instruction #7 - Final Photo
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Instruction #8 - Writing Resolutions
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Instruction #9 - Final Landscape50
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Be sure to visit Go Font Yourself  for more projects and to learn more about Erin.


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