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Black Light Neon™ | Black Light Wall Art

By: Jaime Costiglio Blog
May 11, 2020

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Black Light Neon      Black Light Wall Art
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Let your kids electrify their room with fluorescent acrylics!  Brilliant neon paint that looks great in daylight and glows under a black light makes for the coolest wall art.  My teenage son was over the moon excited to create this galactic inspired wall art for his bedroom.  The bright fluorescent glow of the neon paints amp up coolness factor.


Items needed:


We created this wall art using a fabric canvas backing but these paints can be used on many different surfaces.  Fabric, craft projects, wood and more work great for the intense pigments of this neon paint.


Instruction #1 - wall art black light neon64
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Step 1: Create a wood frame using 1 x 2 boards and 1 ¼” pocket hole screws.

Instruction #2 - wall art step 157
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Step 2: Attach white sheet to frame using stapler. Start at center of each side and pull sheet taught then staple onto frame at back.

Instruction #3 - wall art step 2
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Instruction #4 - wall art supplies
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Step 3: Mix small amount of neon acrylic paint with equal amount of pouring medium then mix together.

Instruction #5 - wall art step 3
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Step 4: Dip brush into paint / pouring medium mixture and splatter with finger onto canvas.  Let each color dry in between layers.

Instruction #6 - wall art step 4
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Once your canvas is dry it’s ready to hang!  My son was so proud to have created this psychedelic wall art for his bedroom. I installed a black light bulb into his lamp and now he has the coolest bedroom wall décor!

Instruction #7 - wall art 851
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Instruction #8 - wall art 1160
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And because of the vivid pigments, this wall art also looks great during the daylight.

Instruction #9 - wall art 6
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