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Flower Vase Painting with *New DecoArt Opaque Glass Paint™

By: Crafts by Courtney
April 15, 2020

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Flower Vase Painting with  New DecoArt  Opaque Glass Paint
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Morning friends, thanks for stopping by and checking out my new Spring Vase project! With everything going on right now it was a great distraction to work on a project like this and create something beautiful.

I was very excited to work on this project, I haven't done any glass painting projects before. So this was new for me and pretty cool. I knew right away that I wanted to make Spring vases for creating a wonderful table setting. Plain glass vases are pretty easy to find and can be quite inexpensive. They are a perfect blank slate to work with and create something your own.

The new DecoArt Glass Paint™ offers exceptional coverage and durability. It is a specially formulated paint for use on glass and glazed ceramics. The self-leveling formula results in minimal brushstrokes and a smooth, even finish. It can even be baked for a dishwasher-safe, satin finish.

I set up this painting project to be used in a fun painting party setting. When we are all ready to gather together again, I know this ill be a fun way for gal pals to spend some time together.
So let's gather up our supplies and get started!

Items needed:

  • DecoArt Glass Paint 2oz - White
  • DecoArt Glass Paint 2oz - Turquoise
  • DecoArt Glass Paint 2oz - Yellow
  • DecoArt Glass Paint 2oz - Sky Blue
  • DecoArt Glass Paint 2oz - Coral
  • DecoArt Glass Paint 2oz - Fuchsia
  • DecoArt Glass Paint 2oz - Green
  • DecoArt Glass Paint 2oz - Orange
  • DecoArt Glass Paint 2oz - Soft Violet
  • DecoArt Glass Paint 2oz - Pink
  • DecoArt SoSoft Adhesive Stencil - Flora
  • Americana Reusable Stick-On Stencil - Lemons
  • Glass Vases
  • Sponge Brush


How to set up your painting party easily.

Instruction #1 - unnamed-1545
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The first step, have lots of paint options available for everyone to choose from. DecoArt just released 28 new glass paint colors to choose from now available at Michaels!

Instruction #2 - unnamed-1788
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They also released 14 new Opaque Glass Paint Markers™ to add those fine details to any project.

Instruction #3 - unnamed-1610
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I'm not the best freehand painter, but I can use a stencil! I LOVE stencils, and these adhesive stencils worked great for a project like this. Everyone can walk away with a nicely painted vase. Just wipe them down and they can be used over and over again.

Instruction #4 - unnamed-1329
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Instruction #5 - unnamed-1287
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Finally, grab some glass vases and you're ready to get started!

Instruction #6 - unnamed-1151
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Wipe your vases down first before applying your stencil. Then gently lay your stencil on top of the vase, making sure to smooth out any bubbles.

Instruction #7 - unnamed-1459
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Next, dab your sponge brush into the paint and lightly go over your stencil. I made sure to have LOTS of sponge brushes all over the table for everyone. While experimenting with the paints, I found a sponge brush worked best when using stencils.

Instruction #8 - unnamed-963
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Let the first coat dry 5 minutes, then go over once more. While the paint is still wet pull the stencil off.

Instruction #9 - unnamed-1093
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We did a couple more vases using the stencils.

Instruction #10 - unnamed-87473
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Instruction #11 - unnamed-568
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If there is any bleeding of paint, once your paint has fully dried you can scarp it off with your nails or a blade.

Instruction #12 - unnamed-48440
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After the paint had pretty much dried, I went back in with a paintbrush to added some more dimension with colors. Mixing the yellow, orange and white paint.

Instruction #13 - unnamed-718
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After your all finished, before you're ready to start using the vase. Let the DecoArt Glass Paint™ cure for 4 days.

Instruction #14 - unnamed-624
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Now you have a beautiful vase! I went back over the lemon vase with the black paint marker to add some more detail to the lemons.

Instruction #15 - unnamed-393
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Add some beautiful flowers and your all set!

Instruction #16 - unnamed55
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This was such a fun party to work on!  You could even have a wine or coffee cup painting party with friends as another fun idea!  I just thought since we have this beautiful Spring weather that painting Spring vases would be a perfect idea and good pick me up!


Instruction #17 - unnamed-184
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As always, thanks for stopping by and checking out my latest project!

See more projects using DecoArt's new Opaque Glass Paint™ here!

Be sure to visit Crafts by Courtney  for more projects and to learn more about Courtney.


I am looking for gold matellic paint for glass. I want to touch up my oil cups I light with. So I need for heat resistance can u please tell me which one to get please. Thanks

Dalia Elgrabli

April 23, 2020

Hello Dalia, These new Glass Paint Markers are perfect for what you are looking for. The markers have a gold metallics option. It is available at Michaels stores. You could also use Americana Multi-Surface Satin in which is suitable for glass and has a gold metallic color option.


April 24, 2020

Can this paint be painted on glasses and cups? Does it go in the oven to burn? Thanks


June 2, 2022

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