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Revive Old Tennis Shoes

By: Crafts by Amanda
March 12, 2014

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Revive Old Tennis Shoes
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Sure, they’re only about $5.00 to buy new ones, but other than dirt, there’s nothing wrong with my old ones! I’m talking about my favorite tennis shoes. When it comes to shoes, I have a tough time finding a pair that fits comfortably. So when I do find a comfy fit, I hate to ditch a pair just because the washing machine can’t get the stains to budge anymore.

Items needed:

  • SoSoft Fabric Acrylics 1oz - White Pearl
  • Old tennis shoes


Enter So Soft fabric paint. I took my old grungy tennies and made them look just like new. All it took was a dollar store pair of laces and some white So Soft Pearl paint.

After removing the dirty shoe laces, I wiped down the rubber sides and soles with some bleach cleaner. I also gave the shoes a quick rinse and ran them through the dryer. 

Instruction #1 - so soft tennis shoes made new - product
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Then I simply painted the fabric of the shoes and the tongue with So Soft. Very easy to do, the application is simple and smooth.

Instruction #2 - so soft tennis shoes made new - step1
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As you can see, the Pearl finish leaves a little bit of a glittery sheen. Not too glittery, but just enough pizzazz for me.

Instruction #3 - so soft tennis shoes made new - step2
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Then all that was left to do, after they dried of course, was to put in the new shoelaces!

Instruction #4 - so soft tennis shoes made new - step3
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Just like that. Good as new (or maybe even better) and no need to buy new shoes.

Instruction #5 - so soft tennis shoes made new - before and after
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