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DIY Jewelry Organzier

By: Anam Zohaib
December 23, 2019

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DIY Jewelry Organzier
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A new year is right around the corner and that means a fresh start, new beginnings and time to get things in order and organized. Don’t you agree?

Today I will be showing you guys this unique jewelry organizer using materials I am sure must already have at home.

So let’s get into this tutorial.

Items needed:

  • Americana Acrylics 2oz - Baby Blue
  • Americana Acrylics 2oz - Mermaid Tail
  • Americana Acrylics 2oz - Whispering Turquoise
  • Americana Acrylics 2oz - Tropical Blue
  • Americana Acrylics 2oz - Berry Cobbler
  • Americana Acrylics 2oz - Vintage Pink
  • Americana Acrylics 2oz - Purple Petal
  • Americana Decou-Page (Glue-Sealer-Finish) 8oz - Americana Decou-Page Matte
  • Value Kraft Stencils 8"x8" - Southwest
  • Grid wire storage shelves
  • Stencil brushes


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Step 1: So for this DIY Jewelry Organizer I used wooden stakes and leftover grid wire storage shelves I already had at home. You can, of course, use a square wood pegboard piece or even leave it empty.

Step 2: First, off I went and painted each wooden stakes in the color Baby Blue, Mermaid Tail, Whispering Turquoise and Tropical Blue.

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The wooden stakes only needed a coat each to cover it fully.

This part is optional but my idea was to also add tiny mini shelves to the organizer and I had leftover small wood pieces that I planned on attaching on the grid with just simple glue.

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I didn’t need it to be a very strong shelf as I was going to place some light rings on it.

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These three pieces of wood I painted in the color Berry Cobbler, Vintage Pink and Purple Petal.

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Step 3: After that, it was just a matter of attaching the wooden stakes onto the square grid. I glued two wooden stakes on the first two sides.

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And then on top of the first two, I glued on the rest of two wooden stake pieces. Give a complete full day to dry out.

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Step 4: I used the southwest Kraft stencil for this jewelry organizer. First I cut the stencil in a thinner strip so it was easier to stencil on the wooden stakes.

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I used the same shades of blue paints I used originally on the wooden stakes. The lighter paints on the darker paint colors and vice versa to give it some contrast.

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Place the stencil on the wooden stakes. Dab the stencil brush into the paint and remove the excess paint on a piece of cloth and then start stenciling in an up and down motion. 

Step 5: The last step was to hammer in a few nails into the wood so I could hang all my necklaces and the mini shelves were going to serve the purpose of holding the rings. The background grid served the purpose for hanging earrings.

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To hang the jewelry organizer you can tie a piece of yarn at the back and hang it from a nail.

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And there you have it.
All Done.
What do you guys think?

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