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Sparkly Gold Abstract Art

By: Thrifty and Chic
February 11, 2019

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Sparkly Gold Abstract Art
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Gold and sparkles are a big hit right now! Have you seen those beautiful abstract paintings in the stores full of glitter? And they also have a hefty price tag. The new Galaxy Glitter by DecoArt is perfect to get the look in your house for a fraction of the price. 

You can do this same technique with any of the colors to get a different look.

Items needed:

  • Galaxy Glitter 2 oz - Clear Ice Comet
  • Galaxy Glitter 2 oz - Champagne Starburst
  • Americana Acrylics 2oz - Snow (Titanium) White
  • Americana Acrylics 2oz - Light Mocha
  • 16x20 Canvas
  • Paintbrush


Instruction #1 - IMG 6324edit
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Step 1: On any size canvas (I used a 16x20 inch one), brush on two coats of Galaxy Glitter Clear Ice Comet onto the bottom quarter. 

Instruction #2 - IMG 6242edit
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Step 2: Using Light Mocha and a brush, paint the rest of the canvas. About an inch away from the line of the Clear Ice Comet, squeeze out a line of the Light Mocha.

Instruction #3 - IMG 6274edit
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Put the canvas vertical and tap the bottom hard enough to get the Light Mocha dripping down. Do this until you get your desired look.

Instruction #4 - IMG 6285edit
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Step 3: When the Light Mocha is dried, squeeze a line of the Galaxy Glitter Champagne Stardust at about the halfway point on the canvas. Make sure it's a pretty decent heavy line.

Instruction #5 - IMG 6292edit
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I then did two lines above this for fill. I tapped the bottom to make it drip.

Instruction #6 - IMG 6293edit
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For the top two lines, I used a brush and lightly swept it back and forth to fill in the glitter.

Instruction #7 - IMG 6300edit
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Step 4: When the Galaxy Glitter is dried (you may have to use a blow dryer on it to quicken the time), paint the top portion of the canvas Snow White, and then squeeze a line of the paint right above the Champagne Stardust Galaxy Glitter.

Instruction #8 - IMG 6317edit
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Tap away until the Snow White gets the dripping effect into the Galaxy Glitter.

Step 5: Now to finish off the look, squirt another good amount of the Champagne Stardust in a line right along the top. Tap again to get the dripping effect. If needed, fill in the glitter with a brush.

Instruction #9 - IMG 6336edit
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Here's the entire look together with all the drips.

Instruction #10 - IMG 6448edit
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Instruction #11 - IMG 6437edit
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Instruction #12 - IMG 6439edit
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As I mentioned before, you can change up the colors to get a different look. In this case, I used the Galaxy Glitter in Clear Ice Comet, Silver Moon, and Aqua Meteor. I also used DecoArt Americana Acrylic Paints in Snow White, Grey Sky, and Peacock Teal.

Instruction #13 - IMG 6331edit
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Using the same technique, I achieved this look. 

Instruction #14 - IMG 6411edit
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I just love the dripping effect of these abstract paintings. And the Galaxy Glitter just sparkles from every angle! 

Be sure to visit Thrifty and Chic  for more projects and to learn more about Alicia.


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